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South Korea and its “pearls” that are worth seeing with your own eyes

South Korea is quite an exotic country. Its culture is quite different from the European one. For example, Koreans like to make jam from acorns, and on one of the Islands there is a complete matriarchy. About these and other features of South Korea-further in the review.

1. Jeju Island

Jeju island is a real wealth of South Korea and not only. Unique nature, basalt rocks, volcano, ancient stone figures and local people with their unusual culture will not let tourists get bored. It is not surprising that such a place is included in the UNESCO world heritage list.

But it is not only the picturesque landscapes that attract people to the island. It is also about the people who inhabit this territory. In contrast to what we are used to, the population of Jeju is completely matriarchal. Here, women are responsible for the financial condition of the family, while men are engaged in farming, gardening and raising children. It is worth noting that local residents are always happy with tourists, arrange competitions for them, exciting events and honoring dishes of national cuisine.
2. Demilitarized zone
For more than half a century, the Korean Peninsula has been divided into two parts. And if the southern part is open to the public, the Northern part is closed. However, there is a place in South Korea where you can take a peek at the neighboring part. You can do this from the observation deck Of the house of the Sun. It offers a great view of the demilitarized zone, which is still the most militarized in the world. In addition, thanks to minefields and vigilant border guards, the nature of the border zone has long been wild and diverse.
3. Taekwondo center

Korea is the birthplace of Taekwondo, which is not only a martial art, but also a philosophy. There is a Taekwondo Center in Muju where everyone can learn the basics of wrestling. The Center has developed about 45 Taekwondo programs specifically for newcomers.
4. Sinseollo in the restaurant of national cuisine
Sinseollo or Alcudia than it is a complex dish Korean court cuisine includes many ingredients. Part of sinseollo includes little meatballs, Korean pancakes “Congo”, mushrooms and vegetables. All this is stewed in a rich meat broth. The finished dish is served in a silver bowl-like dish with a hole in the center through which the heat escapes.
5. The extinct volcano of Hallasan
The extinct Hallasan volcano is another attraction of Jeju island and also the highest point in the country. Hallasan is located in the heart of the island, it can be seen from any point, although its top is often hidden behind clouds. In the extinct crater of the volcano, a lake was eventually formed, called Pannocktam, and the entire area around it was declared a protected area. On the way to the top of Hallasan, tourists can get acquainted with the ecosystems that change with altitude, see wild animals, and admire sculptures carved in the frozen lava.

6. The Temple Of Hedon Ingunza
Buddhist temple of Hedon Enhansa is considered one of the most beautiful in the country. Unlike other sacred institutions that hide in the mountains to be closer to the sky, this one is located by the sea. All South Koreans believe that if you make a wish within the walls of the temple, it will come true.

Those who want to get to know themselves better, clear their thoughts, and take a break from the worldly bustle can stay in the temple for the night. During the overnight stay, the guest has the opportunity to learn more about the monks and their life within the walls of the temple.
7. Visit the Spa
As in Finland they love saunas, so in Korea they treat spas. The Korean traditional Spa is called “jjimjilbang”. Local residents often visit Spa centers, come as whole families and stay for the whole day, and sometimes even for the night. In Korean spas, payment is fixed and charged at the entrance. In the future, you can stay in the building as long as you want.

Another feature of Korean spas is separate steam rooms. The fact is that you need to go to the sauna strictly naked. First, all wash using hard gloves and special scrubs. It is known that Koreans are simply obsessed with exfoliating dead cells. The ambassadors of wash you can go further in the rooms with bathtubs and swimming pools.
8. Drive the ” four rivers Route»
If you like to ride a bike as much as Koreans like it, then you just need to pass the “four rivers Route”. This is a great Cycling route, passing through the coast of the four major rivers: Han, Nakdong, the Kumgang, Yonsangan. Everyone who completes the route will receive a diploma and a gold medal from the Cycling organization of Korea at the end.
9. Try acorn jelly
While we eat herring and pickles under vodka, in South Korea they honor culinary traditions by preparing acorn jelly. This particular dish is considered the best snack for alcohol. In restaurants, this snack is served with wormwood, pepper, garlic and soy sauce.
10. Go to the clinic
Go to one of the clinics in South Korea is worth at least to understand that hospitals can be different from ours. The first thing that catches your eye is technology. Medicine in Korea is very automated, and human resources are used to a minimum. For example, you can use the device to check your vision and get a prescription for lenses. In the blood collection rooms, moving tapes are installed that direct the test tubes directly to the laboratory.

And the last thing I want to note is the lack of queues. The doctor’s appointment lasts no more than 5-10 minutes. To detain the doctors here are just not accepted. Usually, the conversation with the patient begins with an assistant who records all the symptoms and complaints, makes certain conclusions and passes the information to the doctor. He, in turn, gives recommendations about treatment and prescribes prescriptions.
11. See the tea plantation
Being in South Korea from may to October, you can plunge into the atmosphere of the tea festival. It takes place in Pawson, where the famous tea plantations are located. As part of the holiday, every tourist can participate in collecting and preparing leaves, preparing drinks, as well as in a traditional tea ceremony.
12. Meet the first dawn of the year
Being in South Korea during the Christmas holidays, will support the tradition of the indigenous inhabitants. Hundreds of people gather on the beach of Jeongdongjin in order to meet the first sunrise of the new year. During the ceremony, it is customary to make plans and make wishes for the coming year.
13. Visit the largest market
In the heart of Seoul, Namdaemun market is the largest market in the city. This is a huge square where there are many shopping tents. You can buy everything from clothes to fresh food. Prices on the market are acceptable. In addition, there is a huge selection of ceramics, jewelry and home goods 20 percent cheaper than in stores.
14 Ride a special bike
Railway bicycles are a feature of South Korea and a popular tourist transport. By observation Novate.ru they are wagons on two or four wheels that move on rails and are able to develop a fairly good speed. Depending on the city, walking on this bike will allow you to see the forest or sea views.

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