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From the trailer for transporting horses made “Gypsy” apartments: the interior caused mixed comments in the network

In our time, a small house on wheels will not surprise anyone. From what vehicles only do not manage to make real comfortable cottages and even hotels, starting from small trailers for cars and pumping multi-ton trucks. This time, an absolutely unique Gypsy caravan appeared on the Internet, created from a large trailer for transporting horses, with an interior that caused a lot of ambiguous comments.

Most recently, the most unusual small house on wheels with an area of 18.4 square meters was put up for auction and they are asking for 30 thousand dollars for it.It was created on the basis of a conventional trailer for transporting six horses. The idea of converting any trailers into comfortable housing is not new, it has been done many times before we introduced our readers to interesting projects, but the interior of this small house on wheels is simply stunning.

The well-known DIY firm cozy Home, which specializes in complete reconstruction of vehicles, turning them into delightful houses on wheels, saw an auction ad for the sale of an old trailer for transporting horses, just lit up with the idea to create something themed.

And naturally, horses and carts are associated with the ancient Gypsy people who led a nomadic life. This is how a very unusual project appeared, which was called “Gypsy house”.

Given that the trailer itself has a fairly large area, it was raised a little more, creating an additional second tier, which eventually made it possible to organize a very comfortable interior space. Solar panels were installed to provide the mobile home with electricity.

Starting with the facade design, you can immediately notice that the house is designed in a certain Gypsy style. Its wooden finish, forged footboards that turn into original shelves during Parking, original door, unusual Windows and an old chest that is attached to steel chains behind the van create a special atmosphere.

The interior is quite striking with the richness and luxury of decoration inherent in the Eastern European style. The small “Gypsy house” managed to accommodate a living room with a luxurious sofa, decorated in the best traditions of Palace decoration, a chest of drawers, a bookcase, a Desk, with shelves for a laptop and a plasma TV.

It also has a very original fireplace, which creates an atmosphere of comfort and warmth.

Very original design of plumbing brought a special note to the decoration of the entire residential space. After all, instead of a handwash in the bathroom and a sink in the kitchen, they installed very unusual galvanized basins that perform their functions.

The bathtub is also made of galvanized iron, giving the interior simplicity and luxury at the same time. For water heating, a special gas installation is used, which is able to provide hot water and heating in the cold season. To use the bathroom and toilet, we installed a special bio-device for composting all waste, so you do not need to connect to the sewer.

The kitchen has everything you need for storing food and cooking. In addition to the kitchen table, there is a wardrobe, refrigerator,microwave and even a bar.
A small gas oven with two burners can be simply hidden if it is not needed, turning the kitchen into a luxurious dining room, where you can not only dine in a pleasant atmosphere, but also organize a romantic dinner for two.

The bedroom was divided into two tiers. In the lower part there is a dressing room, which can accommodate a huge number of personal belongings and bedding, and on the second level-a huge bed with a comfortable orthopedic mattress.

Naturally, all the furniture and every piece of interior corresponds to the chosen theme of style-luxury Gypsy apartments with a huge number of gilded accessories and Antiques. What are the lamps and table lamps, trays and all sorts of dishes, purple brocade curtains with fringe and gilded braid. In General, we can say that the style – “expensive, rich and many” is fully sustained.

Whether there is a buyer for such an eccentric apartment, time will tell. But the fact that a mini-house on wheels is more like a Museum or a Renaissance Palace is unique for this kind of living space, so it is really a fact.

Nowadays, fans of travel, extreme sports and active recreation can not deprive themselves of the pleasure of comfortable living anywhere in the world, which can be reached by car. A very interesting project of a two-story hotel on wheels was developed and implemented by a young couple, who turned an old truck into a fashionable mobile base for surfers, where you can not only relax comfortably, but also attach your sports equipment.

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