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10 fictional attractions that, no matter what, the crowds of tourists strive to reach

In every country, you can find places that are legendary and where crowds of tourists tend to go. But not all of them have historical value. After all, they were created based on favorite movies or stories from famous books, and now all this is presented as a tourist attraction, misleading gullible tourists. We have selected the most famous empty places.
1. Sherlock Holmes house in London (great Britain)

In this case, there is a double deception, because everyone’s favorite and world-famous detective genius Sherlock Holmes is a fictional hero (and everyone knows about it!).And the address of his residence in the capital of great Britain never existed at all. But with enviable persistence, crowds of tourists daily strive to get to the house on Baker street… #239, on which enterprising people have prudently attached a sign with # 221B. Although films about the brilliant detective Directors prefer to shoot in a completely different place. Where and how the shooting of everyone’s favorite movie “the adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson” (directed by Igor Maslennikov) took place, you can find out from the materials on Novate.ru.

2. Juliet’s balcony in Verona (Italy)

Juliet also did not exist, even if there was a prototype of a romantic heroine, but where she lived, and even more so, how she communicated with her lover on the balcony, even the great work of Shakespeare is silent. After all, in the original text, a young girl asked her Romeo not to swear by the Moon while standing on … terrace. Such a famous monologue of Juliet in love was “moved” to the balcony by film Directors, and now this image is cultivated by enterprising Italians, creating a fake house and even more so a balcony.

3. Dracula’s Castle (Romania)

Count Dracula – the most popular brand, perhaps, not only in Romania, but also around the world, because there are few people who would not have heard about the most famous “bloodsucker” of all time. Of course, if you want to visit the medieval castle of bran, which is 30 km from the town of Brasov, you will not lose anything, but you should know that neither he nor count Vlad III Tepes himself have anything to do with the sinister lair of the immortal vampire. Naturally, there were originals who turned the ancient castle into an atmospheric tourist attraction, cultivating the image created by Bram Stoker in the famous Gothic novel “Dracula”.
The most interesting thing is that tourists enthusiastically share their impressions after visiting the fake attractions: “It does not matter at all whether Vlad III Tepes lived in the castle or passed by. There everything is stylized under the vampire theme, in the basement there are tools of torture, and for an additional fee you can even lie in the coffin of Dracula.” And this is all said, as long as it is interesting and tickles the nerves, and it is true or fiction – it does not matter.

4. Grave of Osiris and temple of ISIS (Egypt)

For many centuries, there is an ancient legend that says that on the island of Philae is the real grave of Osiris – the ancient Egyptian God of the afterlife and the temple of ISIS-the lunar goddess who represents femininity, motherhood, magic, healing and strength. Filet island exists to this day, but there are no religious buildings there for a long time.
Mysterious ancient temples, tombs and altars have long been moved to the nearby island of Agilkia. Although there were very good reasons for this – the construction of the Aswan dam, but the sacred places, under this action, have lost their magic power and can only act as an ordinary monument of architecture.

5. Stonehenge on the lands of the County of Wiltshire (England)
For many centuries, Stonehenge was the most famous sacred place in Europe, because it was built by the druids for 3 thousand years before our era for special magic rituals and astronomical observations. But in 1958, the religious building underwent a major reconstruction, you can say it was made anew, because some of the stones were installed foundations of modern concrete, and others were reinforced with steel reinforcement. So in this scenario, the sacred place (of course!) has turned into an ordinary monument that does not carry any magic power, which for many centuries in a row fueled this structure of great magicians.

6. Great wall of China (China)

And even this grandiose structure can be called a pseudo-landmark, because the surviving fragments, which attract millions of tourists, are … new building.
As for the authenticity of the Chinese wall – it really existed, and it was built for many centuries in a row by whole generations (starting from the III century BC and can be considered up to the XXI century). Its total length reaches 8 thousand kilometers, and it is not a complete defensive structure and never was. And naturally, blown by all the winds and washed by the rains, it is completely dilapidated, and the fragments that guides show to 40 million tourists a year-created in the near 80-ies of the last century.

7. Burials Of Jesus Christ

The most recognizable and revered image of Jesus Christ is also being used by the creators of fake attractions. Surprisingly, there are many graves all over the world where the Son of God is supposedly buried …five! Moreover, enthusiastic tourists and pilgrims, losing their sanity and logic, tend to visit them all. Enterprising people created three graves in Jerusalem, one in India, and another in …Japan, in the village of Shingo. Moreover, the inhabitants of the latter believe and tell everyone that Jesus lived in their settlement for 106 years and died of natural causes, and on April 3, 33 ad (the assumption of scientists) in Jerusalem crucified his brother. Knowing that this is completely absurd and nonsense, tourists and pilgrims still rush even to this village to visit the false Shrine.

8. Birthplace Of Columbus
As you know, the place of birth of a person is one, but grasping entrepreneurs for Christopher Columbus came up with as many as 10! Although the birthplace of the most famous Navigator, discoverer and cartographer is still unknown.

In Italy and Spain have created at least six stepfather homes of the discoverer of America, but the palm holds the house in the city of Genoa, even though it was built 200 years after his birth! This fact does not confuse either the organizers of the false attractions, or the tourists themselves, who in thousands of crowds seek to visit the house where Columbus himself was born.
Another place where tourists are misled is a house in Las Paolmas de Gran Canaria, in Spain. It houses a fairly large Museum, which with undisguised pride tells about the travels and life of Christopher Columbus. But this house at least “saw” the Navigator, it is proved that at the age of 41, he lived here for some time.
But scientists still debate where the famous cartographer was born, because no documentary evidence has yet been found.


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