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12 popular tourist cities that in reality can be very disappointing

Perhaps every one of us at least once dreamed of being in Paris or Rome, imagining how he will breathe in the air, saturated with antiquity and admire the famous monuments. In the pictures of tourist guides and TV shows about travel, everything looks so rosy and romantic, but sometimes dreams are broken by the harsh reality, and famous attractions do not cause the desired thrill. We have collected 12 popular tourist cities, which in reality can be very disappointing.

1. Rome


Rome is the largest city in Italy with a rich centuries-old history and a diverse population.There is definitely something to see in this city. The Sistine chapel, the Pantheon, the Trevi fountain, the Roman forum, the Colosseum, and more. All these attractions attract tourists from all over the world. However, time is merciless, today’s city is not the same as it was 20-30 years ago. Modern buildings that appear from year to year look faded and ridiculous against the background of ancient monuments.

Because of its popularity among tourists, Rome has become a haven for scammers. For example, now in this city there is a boom of greedy taxi drivers who set sky-high prices, clueless guides and boorish currency traders. In addition, due to the large number of people, the Italian capital has huge problems with public transport and garbage collection. All these little things spoil the beautiful impression of a glorious city with a rich history.
2. London


Why do tourists go to London? Of course, look at big Ben, Buckingham and Kensington palaces, ride a red double-Decker bus, take a photo in a phone booth, eat fish chips while looking at the drawbridge of the tower of London, ride in the booth of the “London eye”. This list can go on for a long time. London does have a lot to look at, but there are also many significant disadvantages.

As in the case of Rome, London is actively and chaotically built up. Modern buildings, sometimes very extravagant, and not at all combined with the traditional cultural monuments of England. A ride on the famous Ferris wheel will make you steam in a queue, pay a lot of money and spend 45 minutes in a small booth filled with strangers who are jostling to get to the window. Admiring the tower bridge, you will probably pay attention to one of the main problems of London, the dirty Thames, and you will also be able to take a deep breath of not the freshest Metropolitan air. In addition, according to the information, the capital of the United Kingdom is ranked second in the list of the most inhospitable cities.
3. Paris
“To see Paris and die” – this quote has become a motto for many, and Paris is the blue dream of all lovers and romantic persons. However, it is worth noting that in reality, this city does not conquer everyone. The Eiffel tower is already pretty rusty, but for the climb to the observation decks require more and more money. The gardens of Versailles will impress with their desolation, broken fountains and a separate entrance fee. But you may not see the Louvre because of the huge queue of tourists. Also, be prepared for the fact that the capital of France will tempt you with restaurants, but keep in mind that their prices are much higher than in most European cities.

Here are a few facts: for the past few years, Paris has been ranked first in the list of the most overrated European cities. In the West, they even coined the term “Paris syndrome”, which means disappointment after visiting the French capital. Modern Paris is a noisy, bustling and dirty city where the air smells of popcorn, and instead of elegant Frenchmen in scarves and berets, Arabs and African-Americans scurry in the streets.
4. AthensWe know from the school curriculum that Athens is the center of ancient Greek civilization, the city where great philosophers lived. The main attraction of the city is the Acropolis-a fortress built in the 5th century BC. Nearby is the Acropolis Museum, where antique vases, jewelry and various household items of the ancient Greeks are displayed. Unfortunately, many tourists who visited the fortress were disappointed, because it does not look as Grand as it seems. In addition, having visited this historical place, it becomes clear that the building was reconstructed more than once.

It is not necessary to write off, and the climate of the Greek city. Sweltering heat and polluted air does not work well on the body of travelers. Add to this the workers who have been engaged in the reconstruction of the city for many years, and with them the noise and scaffolding that adorn the facades of buildings, and the ancient city loses all its charm.
5. ShanghaiToday, Shanghai is a huge metropolis with a developed economy and modern architecture. Life here is in full swing, the roads are full of cars, the streets are full of people day and night, and at night the city lights up with thousands of lights. Tourists love this city and are happy to come here for shopping. However, for those who are eager to experience Chinese culture, Shanghai can be a real disappointment. The fact is that the architecture of Shanghai was significantly influenced by Western and European trends. For example, the Bund is a few dozen buildings of the colonial era. There are few establishments with good traditional Chinese cuisine, but on every corner you can find Cola and fast food.

6. Saint-Tropez



Once Saint-Tropez was just a tiny fishing village, where in addition to fishing, they engaged in winemaking. In 1944, the city was bombarded, during which it was almost completely destroyed. After the war, the city administration decided to rebuild it, without touching the surviving buildings, some of them were dated to the 6th century ad. The city gained its frenzied popularity thanks to the films “and God created a woman” with Brigitte Bardot, as well as “the Gendarme of Saint-Tropez” with Louis de Funes. Popular films attracted the attention of other Directors and tourists. Now Saint-Tropez is considered the most prestigious holiday destination on the Cote d’azur. This area has long been favored by fat cats, money hunters, as well as fans of dust in the eyes.

The whole city consists of a lot of low modern buildings, a large number of expensive boutiques, cozy restaurants that coexist harmoniously with the historical buildings of the past. However, there is no privacy here and does not smell, the streets are just teeming with tourists, who are annoying even the locals. It is worth noting that Saint-Tropez is not too different from other less popular resorts that are located on the French Riviera.
7. new york


Despite the fact that new York is not the capital, it can rightfully be called a cultural and tourist center. This is the city we most often see in beautiful American films, here on September 11, 2001, a tragedy occurred that thundered throughout the world and it is here that the symbol of America – the Statue of Liberty stands. Every year, new York is visited by millions of tourists who want to visit the Empire state building, Rockefeller center, Brooklyn bridge and other tourist shrines.

However, you should warn those who go to new York for a quiet vacation – you will not find it here. As in many megacities, life here is in full swing. Traffic in the city does not stop either day or night, there are always crowds of hurrying people on the streets, and queues of curious tourists at the attractions. In addition, according to the information in the city, prices are quite high, especially if we are talking about apartments and hotel rooms, which can be a problem for a budget tourist.
8. Sydney


Sydney is a modern metropolis and the largest city in Australia. It is interesting that the hallmark of the city is the Sydney Opera house with its expressive architecture. Actually, most tourists do not know about other attractions. In fact, the Opera house is not so beautiful up close, and the acoustics inside leave much to be desired.

As for other attractions, there are not so many of them: harbour bridge, Torong zoo, aquarium, Lunapark and several other zoos. So if you are going to Sydney for cultural heritage, the city can seriously disappoint you.

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