Where to stay for the night, or Exotic hotels as a separate art form
Hotels are an integral part of travel, but we do not attach much importance to them. Well, why? They are expensive, and people go to another country to walk, evaluate…

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Dutch Venice-a village where there are no roads or cars
There are places in Europe where you won't see a road, hear the roar of engines, or breathe exhaust fumes. This is not a fantasy or a dream! In the…

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Concepts originally from the USSR that have not been heard of abroad
Today, it is customary to scold the times of the Soviet Union. They say that everything was bad then, but today it is much better. Everyone is free to remain…

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10 tips from a seasoned tourist on how to ease your flight on a plane

Today, planes are the most convenient and fastest means of transportation. Not everyone knows how to behave on Board in order not to annoy others, including yourself, and not to cause trouble. There is a whole list of specific mistakes that are very undesirable to make.

1. Choose places with expertise

To avoid unpleasant sensations, passengers suffering from ” sea ” disease are recommended to choose seats at the beginning of the cabin or next to the wing.

Avoid places immediately behind the toilet. When something breaks down there, and this is not uncommon, technicians put spare parts and debris directly on the seats and do not spread the newspaper.

2. To put the “closed” clothes

Wear clothing that covers the body and comes in contact with the seat when flying. Like other parts of the plane, the seats are not washed between flights.

3. Use blankets and pillows with care

Blankets and pillows that are used from flight to flight, as a rule, do not wash at all until their service life expires. Pillows and blankets are an ideal place for germs and lice to live.

4. Touch the buttons, handles, and seat belt again

Another breeding ground for germs is on the seat belt. Of course, because everyone takes hold of it with their hands at least twice – during takeoff and landing.

5. Wash my hands after going to the toilet
Always wash your hands in the toilet, wipe them with a towel, and then use a towel to turn off the water and even open the door.

6. Don’t go barefoot

Walk around the salon barefoot or in socks. Small fragments of broken glass can remain on the floor, and a lot of germs are brought from the toilet on the soles of other passengers.

7. Never pick up fallen crumbs from the folding table

The folding tables of airplane seats have the highest concentration of harmful bacteria on Board. It is not recommended to put objects in contact with the skin.

8. Where does water come from in an airplane
Never drink water on an airplane that was not poured from a bottle. The reason is that the holes for cleaning the toilet and the hole through which the plane is replenished with drinking water are not further than half a meter from each other. In order not to feel like a balloon, it is not recommended to order a soda.

9. Better to wear glasses

If possible, avoid contact lenses. It is better to wear glasses in flight, dry air in the cabin can cause eye irritation.

10. Uncomfortable to sit-walk

It is not recommended to sit in a chair for the entire flight. Low air pressure in the cabin can slow down blood circulation in the limbs, it is better to get up periodically to “knead” the bones.


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