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16 practical tips that will be useful for everyone who is going on a trip for the first time

Recently, more and more people can afford to travel to other countries. And if for some flights on a plane have already become the norm of life, others will have to Board for the first time. How to make the flight as convenient and hassle – free as possible-further in the review.

1. Accelerated search

For those who like to stuff things in their pockets, airport security may be delayed. To speed up the process of passing pre-flight control, put all the small things in a small bag in advance, and put the belt there as well. Before passing the metal detector, put the bag in the container and calmly pass through the frame the first time.
2. Wires

When packing your suitcase, take care of the safety of the charger cords. To do this, you only need a spring. Put it on the wire near the plug and turn it off calmly.
3. Alternative to the charging unit

If you find that the phone charging unit was left at home during your trip, use the TV’s USB connector. This connector is available on absolutely all modern TV models.
4. Copy of document

In the confusion of moving, anything can happen. To avoid force majeure situations Novate.ru we recommend that you scan all important documents: your passport, driver’s license, airline tickets, and insurance policy. Keep all copies on your mobile device or send them to yourself via email. This way, even if you lose some document during the trip, you can easily confirm your identity.
5. Crumpled things

Use tissue paper to carefully transport crumpled items. One sheet should be placed under the item, and the other on top.
6. Compactly equipped with a suitcase

If you need to put a lot of things in a suitcase, invent new ways to complete it. Novate.ru offers to twist clothes into tight rolls. This method is much more ergonomic than the usual stacks and will greatly increase the capabilities of your bag.
7. Plane ticket

If you want to buy plane tickets profitably, conduct a preliminary search, compare prices and make a list of the best offers. Next time, go to the websites of budget airlines on Tuesday after 15: 00. This is the time when airlines offer the best deals.
8. Toilet schedule

In most cases, it is forbidden to queue on planes. So, the best time to relieve yourself is the moment after the plane is leveled, as well as 20 minutes before landing. At these moments, the plane is most “stable” and is not subject to shaking.
9. Identification mark

Try to stick as many identification marks on your suitcase as possible. Icons such as “glass”, “caution”, “do not turn over” and the like are welcome. First, it will help you easily find your suitcase on the tape, and secondly, Luggage with such marks will try to put on top of other bags, and, accordingly, it will appear on the tape one of the first.
10. Exchange of currency

Do not rush to buy local currency at exchange offices. In many developed cities, money can be exchanged directly at an ATM and the exchange rate there is often higher.
11. Extension

Want to become a hero of the waiting room? Put an extension cord in your bag. Extra sockets near the chairs are the dream of everyone who has been waiting for a long time for a delayed flight.
12. Fresh clothes

To keep your clothes fresh while traveling, pack a few dry anti-static wipes in your bag.
13. Headphones

Wrap the headphones around the binder and attach them to your jacket or jacket. A homemade clip of this type will not allow you to lose your headphones during check-in or boarding the plane.
14. Best place

If you can choose a seat on the plane, take a ticket from the wing. Due to the design features, these places are less prone to shaking.
15. Liquids in the suitcase

If you don’t want a shampoo or facial tonic to spill in your suitcase, make sure that the bottle is tight. To do this, Unscrew the lids from all the bottles and wrap the necks with food wrap, and then tightly screw.
16. Tourist postcards

Want to relive the best moments of your travels again? Send postcards with the sights you have visited to yourself. Upon arrival, you can once again enjoy fresh memories of your trip.

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