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How do people live on Islands that only fit one house

The Thousand Islands national Park, located on the territory of two countries, is represented by an area of 2000 square kilometers of simply indescribable beauty. These are 1,864 Islands, scattered in a chaotic manner in the middle of the great St. Lawrence river, of various sizes: some are paved with real highways, and some can not fit more than two trees. But each of them has its own history and even a secret, which is willingly told by guides, because this is the most favorite place for fans of green tourism, which is protected by UNESCO and is included in the list of unique phenomena of the biosphere.

This unique natural formation “Thousand Islands”, stretching for 80 km along the borders of two North American States (Canada and the United States) on the greatest river St. Lawrence, is the most beautiful place on the planet and deserves special attention.

After all, looking at this splendor from a bird’s-eye view, you just wonder how this is possible. Not only are these very picturesque places, but they are almost all inhabited, with the exception of the Islands, which have a very tiny area.

According to the rules and criteria defined in this region, an island is a piece of land that is surrounded by water for 365 days a year, and it must contain at least one tree. Thus, the archipelago, which has the name “Thousand Islands”, consists of 1,864 Islands.

With great gusto, guides tell about a local legend that allegedly explains such a picturesque riot of nature in the middle of the river. It says that in ancient times, when the gods could show their mercy or severely punish people for disobedience or constant strife, such an event occurred near these places.

When one of their Supreme arbiters of fate got tired of enmity and human wars, he gave them his most beautiful garden. Of course, for a while the people were quiet and happy, but when the euphoria passed again began to disagree and squabble. Then the angry God just took the garden and when he flew past these places, he just dropped it, and it shattered into many beautiful pieces, and remained in the middle of the river. This is why such beautiful placers of picturesque Islands have been called “the Divine garden”since ancient times.

But in fact, the emergence of the archipelago is more prosaic and ordinary for mother nature. This territory is part of the Canadian crystal shield, which protrudes high above sea level and has been washed by the rapid flow of water from a melting glacier for thousands of years. And for several millennia, the water simply eroded the solid rock, forming a shallow surface, filling all the formed lowlands with its flow. Over time, the peaks were covered with lush vegetation, turning into a beautiful picturesque archipelago.

This explains the different area of the Islands and their distance from each other. Naturally, these places were the cause of constant disagreements and quarrels between the two countries, but by the middle of the XIX century, the parties came to an agreement and now two – thirds of the area of the archipelago belongs to Canada, and the rest-to the United States.

And as soon as the States agreed, these Islands began to be bought up EN masse, building up beautiful villas, small houses, secret residences and even palaces. Moreover, their owners could become not only residents of these countries, but also Europeans, and everyone who wants to. After all, at first, even large tracts of land in the midst of the swirling waters of the St. Lawrence river could be purchased for a few hundred dollars, and tiny ones – for mere pennies.

Gradually, by the beginning of the XX century, the archipelago became the most desirable and popular places for recreation and tourism. On the Islands, country cottages, hotels, Inns for various segments of the population and travelers began to grow like mushrooms, which enjoyed unprecedented popularity among fishermen, hunters and lovers of such an extraordinary holiday.
And given the very complex underwater array of rock remnants and a fairly decent depth, which in some places reaches 65 meters, this area attracts divers like magnets. It is these depths that hide the wreckage of many ships, schooners and yachts that sank in different years and even centuries and are now considered the world’s best freshwater reserve for those who like to explore the underwater world.

That is why local authorities warn owners of large-sized boats at night not to try their luck, so as not to join those exhibits that are already resting on the bottom of the river. And during the day, it is advisable to be extremely careful.

Among the current fans of eco-tourism, the most popular are several Islands, which experts Novate.Ru we collected interesting information.

1. Oleniy island
This island was bought back in 1876 for only 175 dollars and immediately it was given to the most secret Masonic Lodge called “Skulls and Bones”. Fans of all the mysterious, who are fond of conspiracy theory are sure that this hidden organization controls the whole world. By the way, many believe that this is where all the threads of the conspiracy that have been woven for hundreds of years lead.

Such rumors are fueled by the fact that the territory of the residence can not be entered under any pretext and even to approach the island is strictly prohibited. Aerial photography confirms that in the interior of the island there are ruins of ancient buildings and there are even tennis courts, which have already been completely “captured” by nature in the form of wild plants. Eyewitnesses say that visitors sometimes visit it, and the rest of the time it is under the vigilant protection of the American border service.

2. Heart Island»

Multi-millionaire George Boldt, who arrived in the United States from Germany at the age of 14 as a cabin boy without money and connections, who reached high financial heights, just fell in love with these fabulous places. Therefore, I bought one of the most beautiful and largest Islands of the archipelago belonging to the States. He named his new acquisition “Cordial” and set about building a castle for his beloved wife.

First of all, a watchtower, a power station, and many auxiliary buildings were built on the island, and when work on the construction of the huge castle was in full swing, Boldt stopped construction and forgot about it forever. After all, at this time, his beloved wife died of an unknown illness. Therefore, from 1904 to 1970, the unfinished Palace was abandoned until the country’s authorities bought it. At the moment, the castle is fully restored and completed and there is an amazing Museum, but only those who have an American visa can get into it, because there is a border checkpoint right on the pier.

3. “Wolf” island

This largest island in the archipelago, stretching 29 km in length and 9 km in width, with a population of more than 1,400 people, still has the name Wolfe Island.

It does not have any special historical attractions, but the amazing nature makes up for this disadvantage with a vengeance, especially since you can just stay in any of the hotels and have a great vacation or weekend, because it is here that the tourist infrastructure is very well developed.

Lovers of historical ruins would do well to visit the nearby island of “Carlton”, where Fort Haldiman is located (what remains of it!) built by the British in 1779. Its striking history simply fascinates tourists, because this military fortification is very ridiculous and even shamefully fell in 1812, because it was captured… three American soldiers.

4. «Dark island
This island is famous for the fact that it is the famous castle of the Corporation “singer” (en:Singer Castle), which is open to tourists. Therefore, it is mandatory to visit it in all tours. Here everyone can admire not only the luxurious decoration of the apartments and take photos against the backdrop of magnificent nature and ancient buildings.

5. Island ” Hub»

With an area of only 306 square meters, this island is considered the smallest inhabited island in the world. On its rocky surface, the Sizeland family built a secluded house in 1950 to relax away from civilization. They called their creation “Just room enough” (enough space), because they managed to squeeze their house and even a small outdoor area for outdoor recreation. But they still have to dream about peace and privacy, because every day the crowds of tourists passing by the estate takes everything on video cameras and constantly takes photos.

6. Thousand Islands international bridge»
Perhaps the biggest attraction of the entire vast territory of the archipelago was the international bridge that connected the two countries back in 1938. Although it is the smallest building in the world, connecting different countries, but tourists just love it, because during its construction, observation towers were created that offer a wonderful view of the entire area.

The only thing that experts warn about Novate.Ru if you decide to photograph or videotape the beautiful Islands, take into account the strongest gusts of wind that walk on the open areas of the tower and deliver a lot of unpleasant moments to gawking visitors. It is noteworthy that this bridge was opened by legendary figures-Franklin Roosevelt and Mackenzie king.
On our planet, there are many not only amazing Islands that surprise and attract with their magnificent beaches and landscapes, but also truly creepy Islands of land on the territory of which the blood freezes in the veins. And all of them conceal a lot of amazing secrets and incredible stories that attract millions of tourists like a magnet.

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