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Travel from A to Z: 19 life hacks for a successful trip

During a trip or even in the process of preparing for it, you may encounter various situations that no one warns you about in advance. So that these small concerns do not spoil the overall impression of the holiday, it is worth knowing what life hacks exist to avoid them.

Tricks at the stage of preparing for the trip:

1. Making a list of all the things you will need

It is worth including even minor details. And when the overall picture of the Luggage is visible-the list can be revised and leave only the most necessary, crossing out non-essential items that you can do without.

2. Right in the middle of packing

If the clothes are not folded, but carefully rolled up into a tube, they will not crumple. In addition, with this technology of collecting things, the suitcase will fit much more.

3. We take in the Arsenal of rubber Slippers

They are one of the most necessary things, since these Slippers are quite practical and versatile. They are especially useful when going to the pool or water Park.

4. Taking photos of your Luggage before delivery

It will be more effective to photograph it both without the packaging film and in it. This prudence will significantly increase the chances of finding Luggage in case of loss.
5. We use all our rights
If a flight is delayed, the airline provides various facilities, depending on the length of the delay:

from two hours or more-2 free calls or sending two emails are allowed;

4 hours or more – you can count on a hot lunch and cooling drinks;

the flight is postponed for more than 6 hours-the guarantee of the paid hotel room and payment of transport expenses to the place of overnight stay and back.
6. Trying to fly business class

As a rule, the number of tickets sold in economy class for a long flight exceeds the number of seats in it. Therefore, the later a person gets to check in, the more likely they are to fly in business class at an economy price. However, do not be too late, so as not to miss your flight.

7. Go through the queue faster
At the checkpoint, it is necessary to queue for individual passengers traveling without family or for business purposes. As a rule, travelers with families take longer to pass control and often hold a queue, so it is better to avoid them.

8. Save the time of the inspection
In order not to have to spend time unloading small things in the form of a wallet, keys, phones from a handy bag, they can be placed in the travel bag before it is laid out on the conveyor belt.

9. Ordering a place wisely

Buying a window seat on an airplane offers a number of advantages:

the middle seat is less in demand and it is likely that it will not be redeemed, then the passenger will have an additional row at the window for greater convenience;

there is less turbulence near the window;

during the flight, you can enjoy the beautiful views that open from a great height.
10. Book your flight anonymously
For online ordering of tickets is already familiar with the website it is not necessary to specify all your full data. Often these sites track purchases and “experienced” customers can put the price higher.

Tricks that save you during the journey itself:
11. Changing money correctly
Once in another country with paper money, you can face the problem of exchanging them for coins. To avoid getting lost in an unfamiliar place and quickly solve this issue, just find a coffee machine, run a paper bill into it and click the cancel button. After this operation, the machine will issue the money back in the form of the desired coins.

12. During the trip to enjoy the privileges
When traveling as a couple, regardless of marital status, you should always indicate that this is a wedding trip. In 70% of cases, you can get a more comfortable room with pleasant gifts in the form of champagne, fruit or sweets.

13. We visit crowded places with comfort

Going to well-known attractions, you can encounter a massive crowd of people. If you visit them not in the morning, but in the afternoon, you can avoid this unpleasant factor.

14. Learning the right phrases

In addition to common words of greeting and affirmation, such as” Yes”,” Hello”,” thank you”,” please”, it is important to learn the phrase”no, thank you”. A simple English phrase “no, thanks” will eliminate unnecessary spending of money and prevent a lot of unpleasant situations. Especially in the crowded markets of Turkey or Egypt.

15. Save on excursions

If you plan to visit exhibitions, museums, or excursions, you should download audio guides to your phone or tablet in advance. Then you will not have to bear additional expenses for the guide.

16. We spend less on taxis

Planned trips can be booked in advance via online services. If you pay everything in advance, and not in the country itself when boarding a taxi, you can save up to 30% of the cost.

17. We move around by Bicycle
Traveling with this type of transport will not only significantly reduce costs, but also get a lot of new experiences, as well as health benefits.

18. Lunch away from the tourist zone

In restaurants and cafes near attractions and places of excursions, as a rule, prices are inflated. After walking just a couple of blocks, you can also eat delicious, but much cheaper.

19. We take two wallets with us

In addition to your permanent wallet, you need to take a second one – an empty one. In many countries, especially in Asia, there are street harassers who take advantage of tourists ‘ ignorance of their work. The sight of an empty wallet will quickly discourage them.

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