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12 absurd laws in force in new York

As a rule, most of us associate new York with prosperity, fun and, of course, freedom. However, in fact, a resident of the Big Apple is not so free in their actions. We have collected 12 absurd laws in force in new York.

1. The scene on the balcony

Those who have seen new York only in movies and TV series, imagine it as a city of freedom and creativity. It seems that everyone can Express themselves as they please. Yes, it is true that there are many opportunities In new York, but there are also prohibitions. For example, in the city it is forbidden to arrange scenes on the balcony.It is forbidden to sing loudly on the balcony or roof of a house, show a concert on your own terrace, or arrange dances by the Administrative code of the city. So if you are preparing a performance, find a stage away from the Windows.
2. Topless in the city


In new York, you can go Topless. Yes, you can walk around times square naked no matter what gender you are. However, you can only do this on your own. If your naked parade is part of an advertising campaign, you will be arrested.
3. Ice cream


You can buy and eat any ice cream and absolutely in any way imaginable or unthinkable. But don’t try to carry a horn in your back pocket on Sunday! This is the harsh law in new York. The same law applies in the state of Alabama so that it is very serious!
4. Wool trade


If you suddenly decide to catch and cut animals for the purpose of selling their wool – immediately put this idea out of your head! Even if we are talking about your own animals. On the market, trade in wool, hair, skin or flesh of dogs and cats is strictly prohibited. So, the next time you cut your pet’s hair, drop all self-serving intentions and just throw the hair in the trash.
5. Companies in masks


Of course, you have the right to take and put on the mask of your favorite hero. But God forbid you to come to some institution and meet a man in the same mask. For this, according to the Criminal code, you can face a fine. Also, I hasten to warn you that in new York, it is forbidden to gather companies of more than 5 people, if all are masked.
6. Innocent flirting


Most new Yorkers prefer to meet on the Internet, but in real life they just shy away from representatives of the opposite sex. And all because innocent signs of attention can result in a fine of 25 dollars! Not too much, but who needs it?

7. Infidelity


In new York, temptations can be waiting for you at every turn. This big city attracts many interesting beautiful and talented people. However, the city administration honors family values and stands guard over morality. Thus, if the fact of adultery is proved, the perpetrator can be punished by imprisonment for up to one year.
8. Photo with the tigers


When you are in new York, you will definitely want to visit the Bronx zoo. There are a lot of exotic animals and you will probably want to be photographed with them. But don’t take selfies with tigers. Note to yourself that photographing big cats is strictly forbidden. In 2014, the Governor of new York state passed a law prohibiting direct contact with tigers, and guards are closely monitoring its implementation.
9. Divorce


Before you get married in new York, think carefully about whether you are really ready to live with this person for the rest of your life. And it’s not about romance, but about the subtleties of the divorce process in the country. This can only be done with the consent of both spouses. And if someone is against it, you will have to while away your days by staying married.
10. Jumping from a skyscraper


Are you planning to jump off a skyscraper? Well, it’s up to you, but … we strongly do not recommend doing this in new York! The fact is that a person who commits a rash act will be sentenced to death. However, no one has yet suffered such a punishment, since there were no survivors.
11. Snore


In new York, your snoring can become a serious problem. So, if you know about it, make sure that the doors and Windows of your bedroom are tightly closed. Otherwise, neighbors may call the police for disturbing public order.
12. The wearing of Slippers


In the daytime, you can safely walk around in flip-flops or indoor Slippers on the streets of new York. But after 10 PM, wearing such shoes is prohibited. Imagine, you can go Topless, but you can’t wear flip – flops!


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