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15 exciting places on Earth that are worth visiting at least once for real extreme athletes

Some people want to spend their holidays lying on the beach, while others want to find the most extreme places on Earth. Somewhere deadly cold, somewhere too hot, some places are just teeming with poisonous snakes, and somewhere you can do extreme sports. This review contains places that are unlikely to appeal to fans of a lazy holiday. However, they are worth seeing.
1. Dead sea

Israel / Jordan
Located between Israel and Jordan, the Dead sea is the lowest place on Earth. This is incredible, but the surface of the water in the sea is about 430 meters below sea level.In addition, the Dead sea is incredibly salty. In fact, the level of salt in the water here is such that a person can stay on the surface without much effort.

2. Mariana trench

Unlike the highest point on Earth, the Mariana trench is the deepest point of the ocean, which has been visited by only 3 people. It is located in the Pacific ocean, East of the Philippines. The deepest point from the surface of the water (“Challenger’s Abyss”) is at a depth of about 11 kilometers.

3. The Station “Vostok»

When people are looking for a great place to stay, not many people will want to go to the coldest place on Earth. At the Vostok station in Antarctica, the situation with this is very extreme — here the temperature can fall to -87 degrees Celsius. In summer, about 25 scientists live in the” East”, and in winter this number is reduced to 13.

4. Angel Falls

Angel in Venezuela is the highest waterfall in the world. Here, the water falls down from a height of 984 meters, and the height of the continuous free fall of water is 806 meters. To put this in perspective, it’s about three times higher than the Eiffel tower.

5. Gruber’s Cave
Kruber cave, located near the Black sea in the Arabika mountain range in Abkhazia, is the deepest cave in the world (according to other sources, the deepest is the nearby Verevkin cave). On the surface, the entrance to the cave looks like a small hole, and it descends to a depth of 2,197 meters. Initially, the cave passages were very small and narrow, but the excavations allowed us to go deeper. In recent years, the kruber cave has become something of an “Everest” for speleologists.

6. Atacama desert

Those who like a dry climate should definitely visit the Atacama desert in Chile. NASA tests have shown that this is the driest desert on Earth. As you can imagine, there are very extreme temperature differences: from 40 ° C during the day to 5 ° C at night.

7. The longest place name
new Zealand
There is no doubt that New Zealand boasts stunning landscapes and landscapes. At the same time, this country can also claim the longest geographical name in the world. One of the local hills is called Taumatafakatangihangakoauauotamateaturipukakapikimaungahoronukupokaifenuakitanatahu. Translated as ” the peak where Tamatea, a man with big knees climbed mountains, swallowed the earth, who traveled and played his nose flute for his beloved.”

8. The Village Of Teahupoo

If someone can’t imagine their life without surfing, they should go to the village of Teahupoo on the North-West coast of Tahiti. Surfers from all over the world flock to this place to get a chance to ride some of the biggest and deadliest waves on Earth. What makes this place deadly is that the waves break a few steps from a sharp coral reef.

9. Island Queimada Grande
Off the coast of Brazil near Sao Paulo is the most dangerous island on the planet — Keimada Grande or “snake”. This place is literally crawling with island bothrops, deadly poisonous snakes. It is said that their poison can kill a person in less than an hour.

10. The Village Of Oymyakon

Oymyakon is not an ordinary village in Russia. With temperatures reaching 88 degrees below zero, it is essentially the coldest populated city on Earth. And it’s incredibly dangerous to live here. From December 1 to March 1, the temperature never rises minus 17 degrees Celsius.

11. The Village Of Dallol

Although the local alien landscapes make the Ethiopian village of Dallol irresistible, it is extreme for another reason. It is considered the settlement with the highest average annual temperature. During the year, the average temperature in Dallol is 34.4 degrees Celsius.

12. The City Of Chernobyl

Although Chernobyl recently celebrated its 30th anniversary after the disaster and tourists are already allowed to visit some of its areas, the atmosphere is not entirely friendly. In 1986, the city was hit by tons of radioactive waste, resulting in the evacuation of 100,000 people. Now Chernobyl is a crumbling Ghost town.

13. Lake Salar de Uyuni

Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia is a dried-up salt lake that stretches to the horizon (its area is 10,588 square kilometers). It’s really one of a kind. However, it is not easy to come here as a tourist. There are no roads to Uyuni, and it gets extremely cold in winter.

14. The island of Tristan da Cunha

British overseas territory
The island of Tristan da Cunha in the archipelago of the same name is the most remote inhabited island on the planet. It is not exactly suitable for recreation. There are no restaurants or hotels on Tristan da Cunha, and you can’t pay with a credit card here. To get to the island, you will have to travel by ship for a week, since there is no airport on it.

15. Iron mountain mine»

Iron mountain in California is heavily polluted by acidic rivers, acid salt, and bacterial slime oozing from the walls of mines. The concentration of contamination and acid in the water can burn the skin and dissolve the tissues. This place is so dangerous that when NASA sent a robot to investigate the mine, no one saw it again.

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