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Exotic “Goodies” or delicacies that make you feel uneasy

Each nation has its own taste preferences. And what some people find edible is repulsive to others. But there are such dishes, the very sight of which an unprepared person can lead to fainting. We’ll talk about them today.

1. Durian

Durian ranks first in the list of the most exotic fruits in the world. It is a round fruit covered with long pyramidal spines that protect the tender flesh. On average, durian weighs about 8 kilograms, and its main features are a multi-faceted taste and a terrible indescribable smell. Since the taste of the fruit is similar to banana, mango, pineapple, overripe papaya, vanilla, a mixture of ice cream, onions, spices and banana, strawberries and dried persimmons, it is used as an additive in milkshakes, cappuccinos, salads and ice cream.

So if somewhere in Southeast Asia you are offered something that smells of rotten onions, rotten fish, turpentine and untreated sewage, know – it’s durian. By the way, its “flavor” is very persistent and can last for several days.
2. Haggis

Haggis is a traditional Scottish dish, which is a pudding made from the internal organs of a sheep. Sheep giblets: heart, liver and lungs, finely chopped, mixed with onions, interior fat, oatmeal and steep broth. The finished mixture is tightly stuffed into the boiled lamb stomach.
3. Conchoidal
This recipe has lots of names “Millennial egg”, “pidan”, “pine flowers”, “Sungrazing” and others. Most often, duck eggs, sometimes chicken eggs, are used to prepare this Eastern delicacy. They are coated with a mixture of clay, ash, salt and lime, buried in rice husks, where they are kept for 40-60 days. During this time, the protein becomes dark brown, elastic and salty in taste, and the yolks on the contrary become liquid and acquire an interesting dark green color. Ready-made eggs are cut and added to soups or served as a snack.
4. Cobra

In Jakarta and Vietnam, cobras are credited with magical properties, and dishes made from their meat are very popular. Cobra meat is used for cooking soups, cooking kebabs, and even making hamburger patties. Such delicacies are not cheap. Cobra heart is also eaten in these regions. Local residents claim that such a ritual can give a person strength and power. Usually, the snake is killed right in front of the customer, the heart is extracted and offered to eat it with vodka.
5. Eye of tuna
Surprisingly, this is a familiar food in Japan. An unusual product can be purchased at any grocery store. The eyes of tuna are seasoned with spices, cooked or stewed in a pan until the Central dark part of the Apple thickens. They say that the taste of the dish is very similar to squid meat, only softer.
6. The Cass

Casu marzu or “Rotten cheese” is made in Sardinia and is a very specific delicacy. During the manufacturing process, part of the crust is cut off from the cheese and left on the street so that the cheese flies lay larvae in it. On average, flies lay about a hundred eggs, later they hatch into larvae that secrete acid that accelerates the process of rotting cheese. Usually, when the cheese is considered ready, thousands of larvae swarm in it. Some of them are killed by freezing or packing the product in a sealed bag, but true connoisseurs eat cheese directly with live larvae.
7. Balut

A balute is a boiled duck egg with a formed embryo inside. This delicacy can be tasted in the Philippines, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia. Ideally, the eggs are removed on day 17. By this time, the embryo inside already has a beak, legs, plumage, and cartilage. Most often, balut is prepared with salt, vinegar and garlic, but sometimes it is served raw. The dish is very popular among men, as it is considered an aphrodisiac and has a beneficial effect on potency.
8. The soup bat

Bat dishes are quite popular in Thailand, Cambodia, China and Southeast Asia. Most often, bats are used to cook soup or roast with milk. The process of preparing these dishes is very simple: live mice are thrown into boiling water, ginger, salt, onion and pepper are added. Indigenous populations of Asian countries attribute medicinal properties to bats and believe that bat dishes can cure any respiratory diseases, as well as eye diseases.

9. Blood broth

A variety of dishes made from duck or pig’s blood is a familiar food for residents of Laos and some other Asian countries. Among the most popular treats are fresh blood pudding, blood broth, and blood clots on sticks.
10. Cookies with wasps

Someone is afraid of wasps, and someone turns them into a filling for crunchy cookies. The second option is popular in Japan. To do this, insects are caught, boiled, dried, and then mixed with dough and baked in the oven. The local population is crazy about crunchy cakes with wasps. In Japan, insect dishes are generally very revered, considering them very nutritious and rich in protein.
11. A-ping

A-ping are large poisonous spiders, the size of a human palm, that are found in the forests of Cambodia. The amazing taste properties of these spiders became known during the Vietnam war. Then crowds of refugees settled in the forests of Cambodia and were forced to search for food and discovered dishes made of spiders. Now fried a-ping spiders are considered a delicacy that can be compared to black caviar.
12. Sweets with grasshoppers
It’s hard to believe, but in France there is a large company that produces food with insects. In particular, they make beautiful sweets from insects, decorated with dried grasshoppers.
13. Fried rats

There is a feeling that Asian people do not care what they eat. Otherwise, how to explain the popularity of rat dishes?! Rodent meat is very popular in Paraguay and some other Asian countries. On the counters of street vendors, you can see fried, boiled, stewed and stuffed rats.
14. Sannakji
Even the fresh sushi – nothing before sannakji. An exotic dish can be enjoyed in Korea. It consists of fresh octopus tentacles seasoned with lemon juice and sesame. By the way, the tentacles are so fresh that they just wriggle in the mouth and can easily get stuck in the throat.
15. A cocktail of frogs
The hallmark of one of the restaurants in Peru is a cocktail with a frog. For its preparation, frogs are killed and mixed in a blender with other ingredients. It is worth noting that such cocktails have been prepared there for more than 15 years .
16. Boys ‘ eggs

This more than strange dish is the hallmark of the Chinese province of Zhejiang. Fortunately, no human body parts are used to prepare this dish. But it uses urine… Every spring, schools set up special basins in which primary school students urinate, boys-virgins. In the collected urine, ordinary chicken eggs are boiled for a whole day.
17. Burger with insects

Noma restaurant in Copenhagen has a whole menu of insect dishes. One of these dishes is a Burger, which includes mealworms, crickets and grasshoppers wrapped in a Focaccia tortilla. In addition to the Burger, the customer receives polenta chips and mayonnaise with ants. This is a non-standard view of everyone’s favorite fast food.

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