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8 special Islands: Chilling and fascinating

On earth, there are many paradisiacal Islands that beckon with their wonderful beaches, unforgettable waterfalls, rocks and unimaginable inhabitants. But such unusual places are fraught with a lot of dangers and incredible secrets and legends. And it is not yet known whether the wonders of nature more excite and attract people, or mystical secrets and creepy events cause such a lively interest.

1. Snake island (Brazil)

The most dangerous on our planet is considered Queimada Grande, better known as snake island. It is located in the Atlantic ocean, near the coast of Brazil.

Here, in its original form, there are stunning picturesque landscapes with exotic plants, incredibly beautiful rocks and clean beaches. It would seem that this is a Paradise on earth! But unfortunately, people can’t be found on it, because it is completely filled with snakes.

According to scientists, for every square meter, there are from three to five individuals. This island is forbidden to tourists at the legislative level. Although there are daredevils and extreme people who find devious ways to see the abode of snakes with their own eyes.

2. Cat island (Japan)

This small island of Aoshima is one of the most unusually pleasant and lovely places on the planet. Its main attraction is the cats. Just think, there are six furry purrers per capita at once. At the end of the XIX century, they were brought by sailors to make it easier to fight mice and rats.

But over time, the island became very sparsely populated, and the cats began to occupy a dominant position. Tourists who want to see the unusual owners of Aoshima are delivered by small boats.

Their four-legged inhabitants are waiting for them with great joy and impatience, because they know that if the boat docked, it means that there will be very delicious treats.

And in gratitude for the generosity, the cats not only welcome guests, but also allow you to take incredible photos, effectively posing for the camera.

3. Island of the dolls (Mexico)

It is considered to be the most creepy on the planet. Having such a childlike name, the island thrills tourists who still ventured to visit it. This piece of land, washed by the waters of the Xochimilco canal, has always had a bad reputation. Residents of the surrounding area considered it a cursed place, because very often children died on its territory.

But the island gained its sinister fame thanks to don Julian Santana, a hermit with mental disabilities. This man, after the death of another girl, which he witnessed, completely lost control of himself.
When he came to live on this island, he spent many years collecting dolls from garbage dumps, maiming and disfiguring them in every possible way, and then hanging them on trees and bushes. For fifty years, this piece of land has turned into a huge cemetery of broken children’s toys, which causes incredible fear.

Although everyone is well aware that they are just dolls, but the sight of their glass eyes, watching your every step, from behind every Bush, leads to utter horror. After Julian’s death, the island is owned by his relatives, who managed to turn it into one of the most tourist-friendly places on the planet.

Excursions for fans of such horror movies are held only in the daytime, because the sight of crippled dolls, the spectacle is not for the faint of heart.

4. Socotra Island (Republic Of Yemen)

It is one of the four Islands of the eponymous archipelago and is considered a “natural wonder” not only for its country, but also for the entire universe.

These places are rightly called the “lost world”, because on its territory there are incredible representatives of flora and fauna that are not found anywhere else on the globe.

The famous “dragon Trees”, rare birds and unique plants, give this place a certain incomparable charm, and absolutely unearthly.

The lucky ones who managed to visit the island still do not believe that they were still on Earth, and did not travel to other galaxies. Because there is no such abundance of exotic plants and reptiles in any corner of the world.

5. Garbage island

This huge artificial island in the Pacific emerged from the debris that has accumulated over the last hundred years. It keeps in one place, thanks to the influence of underwater currents that have swirls.

This is where the water carries everything that is thrown overboard with criminal carelessness or just lying on the shores of Islands and continents, collecting their dangerous finds in a huge drifting dump, which is growing every day at an alarming rate. As shocking as it may sound, but the latest data from scientists, garbage in it has accumulated about a hundred million tons.

The very existence of this island is not so terrible as the environmental consequences that threaten a real disaster. Not decomposing plastic, eventually turns into small particles, being a deadly “treat” for the inhabitants of the ocean.

After all, birds and fish, jellyfish and even whales, perceive everything that swims-food and absorb pieces of chemical compounds, which leads to fatal consequences. It is believed that more than a million birds and about a hundred thousand marine mammals and turtles die within one year from the very contents of the dump or because they could not find a way out of its mazes.

6. Christmas Island (Australia)
This small piece of land located in the Indian ocean has become famous all over the world thanks to a very tiny representative of its fauna – the red earth crab.

On this island, 18 days a year, there is an incredibly exciting event that attracts the attention of tourists, photographers and naturalists. This is the most impressive natural migration of terrestrial crabs, which begin their journey with the arrival of showers.
From the end of October to January, these unique representatives of crustaceans begin their mating season and more than 100 million individuals travel from the rainforest to the ocean coast to lay eggs. Unfortunately, the exact time of such a delightful March can not be determined, it all depends on when the monsoon begins.
At this time, roads and paths, tunnels and bridges are filled with these beautiful creatures, turning into a moving red carpet. In order to reduce losses in such a General movement, the island authorities take precautionary measures.
During this period, not only signs warning of crab migration are put on the roads, but also special fences are made, as well as temporary bridges and tunnels are built for their safe movement.

These crabs bring enormous benefits to their habitat, because they not only attract a huge number of tourists, but are also the main sanitation workers. Earth crabs are happy to eat fallen leaves, withered flowers and rotted fruit, as well as dead birds or giant snails, maintaining perfect cleanliness on the island.

7. Poveglia Island (Italy)

This island, located in the Venetian lagoon, as a natural formation, does not pose any danger to others. But terrifying legends from its past have made it one of the most terrifying and ghostly places on the planet.

What name has not been awarded to people during its existence: the Gates of hell, Bloody, the Garbage of fear, the Haven of lost souls. All these names, unfortunately, are justified. The island in its own time, became a haven for plague patients during epidemics in the XIV and XVII centuries. It was a terrible place, where thousands of people were brought sick and dead from the plague, simply burning or burying not only the dead, but also the living in the ground, in every way trying to stop the deadly epidemic.
At the beginning of the twentieth century, a hospital for mentally ill people was established on the territory of the fortress and this island was again plunged into the darkness of grief and violence. It is rumored that terrible experiments on patients were carried out outside its walls, leading to mass death and agony. It is assumed that during all the terrible events that took place on the island, about 160 thousand people died here.

Therefore, it is believed that its entire territory is saturated with unfavorable energy of people who have suffered martyrdom. Well-known psychics insist that on this island, the concentration of mental darkness reaches the highest level, which attracts fans of all the mystical and otherworldly.

8. The great blue hole (Belize)
The great blue funnel, located near the Yutakan Peninsula in Central America, is not an island in itself. This is an amazing karst cave located below sea level.

Looking from a height, you can see that it has the correct shape of a circle and is 305 meters in diameter, and the depth reaches 145. The cave is surrounded by a coral superstructure, the so-called Atoll, which makes it look incredible. It turns out a ring-shaped island filled with dark blue water, and around the pale blue streaks create a unique halo that resembles the pupil of an eye.

This cave meets divers a fantastic underwater landscape and beautiful scenery of the marine stalactites up to 15 metres.
But unfortunately, very difficult diving conditions, not always the correct calculation or banal carelessness, leads to the death of extreme sports fans. And in recent years, more and more often you can hear a new sinister name for this extremely beautiful place – “cemetery of divers”.

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