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12 things in Poland that will be a real surprise for tourists

As a rule, when it comes to Poland, the imagination draws a neutral country with a measured lifestyle of its population. However, this is not really the case. Even seasoned tourists will find something to be surprised at in this country.

1. Wedding in Poland

In order to register a marriage in Poland, it is not necessary to go to the registry office, but it is enough to get married in a Church. Marriage in the Church does not need to be legalized, it is as legal as the one registered in the registry Office. After the wedding, the spouses have rights and obligations, and in the case of divorce, the property is divided into equal parts.
2. Coffee machine

Borsch in Poland is somewhat different from the dish that we are used to seeing on our table. Polish borscht is a beet broth that is served with small dumplings stuffed with mushrooms, meat or cereals. The liquid consistency of borscht allows you to pour it and drink it from ordinary paper cups. And the most amazing thing is that you can buy this dish in a regular coffee machine.
3. Treatment of animals
In Poland, they love and take care of animals, especially dogs. On hot days, there are bowls of water outside the shops for Pets that have gone out for a walk. As for cleanliness, it is immaculate. In cities, there are many parks for walking and each has racks with cleaning bags, as well as bins. In Warsaw, they even installed a special comic urinal for dogs. What else should be noted is that there are almost no stray animals here. Them in the country engaged in the eco-patrol. No-man’s animals are captured and sent to a shelter, where they are washed, given all the necessary vaccinations, and kept until a new home is found for them. The same service controls the capture of wild animals that sometimes stray into the city.
4. Smog

Despite the abundance of holidays, winter is not the best time to visit Poland. The fact is that in the cold season, many Polish cities are shrouded in smog. This is due to the fact that many people still use stove heating for heating. The country’s authorities are trying their best to solve this problem, but so far without success. The worst things in Wroclove, Krakow and Warsaw, and the cleanest cities are Szczecin and Tricity.
5. Annual minute of silence

Every year on August 1, at exactly 17:00, Warsaw freezes for exactly one minute. At this time, all sirens turn on, car traffic and pedestrians stop, and people get up from their seats. If you find yourself in Warsaw at this time, do not be afraid. This is not a natural disaster or an alarm, but a tribute to the heroes of the Warsaw uprising of 1944. Exactly one minute later, the howling stops, and the residents return to their usual business.
6. The loudest sirens

The sirens of the emergency services driving on the roads of Poland are very loud. So loud that they can frighten tourists who have come to the country for the first time. A deafening signal should alert other road users from a distance of the approach of an ambulance, fire or police car, which should be missed. According to another version, this is designed so that residents pay attention to emergency vehicles and know that they are not paying taxes for nothing.
7. Faith and religion

The native inhabitants of Poland are very religious people. On Sunday, most of the population goes to the Church, so do not be surprised if in the morning of this day you come across the closed doors of small shops and coffee shops. And more recently, under the pressure of Catholics, a law was passed prohibiting trading on weekends. The new law will come into force in 2020.
8. Belly festival

Polish cuisine is very tasty and satisfying. It has both specific dishes, such as flaki (tripe soup), and simple delicious dishes. Pork stewed in beer, traditional dumplings stuffed with meat and mushrooms, stuffed cabbage rolls, pork knuckle and much more. Moreover, the portions of food in Polish cafes are simply huge, and the second dishes are served together with the side dish. So lose weight in this country is unlikely to work.
9. Film premieres
It is almost impossible to watch a film premiere in Polish. Most often, films are shown here in the original language with Polish subtitles. The only exceptions are cartoons and children’s movies.
10. Journeys

Residents of Poland can’t help but travel. Tourists are also not recommended to limit their visit to one city. In addition, the nature here is amazing and diverse. There is a sea, beaches, mountains, architectural masterpieces and forests. Moreover, you can see all this literally for a penny. On the websites of carriers, promotions are often held and bus or train tickets can be purchased for a few zlotys. In addition, Polish residents can easily travel abroad. Low-cost airlines fly from many cities, and prices for promotional tickets start from 1 Euro.
11. A fake palm tree

When you are in Warsaw, you will undoubtedly notice a huge artificial palm tree. This is an art project by Joanna Raikovskaya, installed at the intersection of Charles de Gaulle Avenue and Jerusalem alleys. The palm tree was made in 2002 and was supposed to stand in Warsaw for just a year, but was delayed… It is worth noting that the palm tree has become a meeting place, where young people and tourists make appointments.
12. Public holiday

If you want to have a good time in Poland, do not visit the country during religious holidays. Otherwise, you will fully feel what loneliness is, as well as” kiss ” the closed doors of bars, restaurants and shops. As mentioned earlier, poles are very religious and they spend large holidays in churches or at home in a narrow family circle. Establishments on these days operate on a reduced schedule, and some are closed altogether.

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