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The strangeness of the Chinese, from whom the Europeans feel bad

Despite the fact that there is no longer a house that does not have goods from China, we do not know much about the lifestyle of people from China. Why, for example, do they hang nets in front of offices, or why do they not consider it shameful to spit in public places? About these and other facts about the Chinese-in our material.

1. Travel by train

To date, the most popular and affordable transport for traveling around the country are trains and commuter trains. And despite the presence of compartment cars, the most popular is the reserved seat. A trip in such a car for a tourist will not be easy. Most often, the cars are Packed to the brim, people sleep with their heads on a table or on the shoulder of a neighbor, garbage containers stand directly on the tables, and in addition to seats, there are also standing ones. Therefore, you will not have to rely on personal space.
2. Overpopulation

Everything you read about or have been told about by friends who have already visited this country will seem like a fairy tale compared to what you will actually see. We are talking about overpopulation. The problem is particularly acute in large cities. The streets never sleep, it is very noisy, and the metro even employs special people who literally cram passengers into crowded cars.
3. The attitude towards tourists
A European in China can hardly go unnoticed. Especially if we are talking about small provincial towns. Light skin, unusual eyes for the middle Kingdom, blond hair and high growth are guaranteed to make you a noticeable person. So don’t be surprised if the locals are actively taking photos with you.
4. Complex road traffic

Traffic in China is a special universe with unique laws that are difficult for a foreigner to understand. To be honest, none of the usual laws work here. The Windows of most cars are covered with blinds, so the driver may simply not notice a pedestrian walking behind or a car following. Traffic lights are just a Convention that few people pay attention to. Moreover, most Chinese people do not know what it is to keep a distance and do not bother much about giving way to a car that is driving along the main road or letting a pedestrian pass at the crossing.
5. Siesta
The Chinese are notable workaholics. Most of them suffer from chronic sleep deprivation. Therefore, the country operates a kind of Siesta. So don’t be surprised if you see a man in a business suit sleeping on a bench, people Napping in the subway, or just lying on the grass in the Park.
6. Turns

What we experienced in the ‘ 90s is still happening in China. Here we are talking about queues. In this country, it is quite normal to wait a few hours in line for soy sauce, a new smartphone or a coveted job. It is worth noting that the locals behave quite calmly, despite the frenzied pace of life and a huge workload at work.
7. Spitting in public places

What is called “lack of culture” all over the world is a habit for the Chinese. We are talking about spitting. In China, you will often meet people who spit saliva on the move. The Chinese population is absolutely sure that swallowing saliva and mucus is harmful. Therefore, they do not hesitate to spit out everything that has accumulated.

8. Open pants
The Chinese are for naturalness, so they prefer unusual open pants to diapers. They provide continuous air circulation and allow babies to relieve themselves when needed. So do not be surprised if you see a child who “sat down” right in the middle of the street.
9. Public toilet
According to the Chinese, the position when the knees are below the navel is completely unsuitable for defecation. Therefore, public toilets do not have the usual toilets, only holes in the floor. Partitions in such rooms are also very conventional, and there is no question of booths at all. The Chinese believe that sitting in the toilet for a long time is harmful to health. Because of this, all public toilets are made to go in for five minutes, do the job and get out.
10. Charging

All Chinese people do exercises. School classes start with morning exercises, and you can meet older people doing exercises on the streets of cities.
11. Cruelty to animals

It is difficult for foreigners to realize that the Chinese treat animals as a way of earning money. Insects and small rodents are generally food. And exotic views here become Souvenirs for tourists. For example, in a market in China, you can buy a keychain with a live newt inside and watch the poor guy just suffocate inside.
12. Funeral at sea

Because of overpopulation, China is experiencing huge problems with land resources. In some cities, there is simply no place to bury the dead. Therefore, the state offers old people to refuse to be buried in the ground for a fee. After death, the bodies of the deceased will be cremated and their ashes scattered in the sea.
13. Grids under office buildings

Because of the increasing number of suicides at work, the owners of large companies decided to pull a net under the Windows. It will not allow a person who has decided to take his own life to crash, and then they will be taken care of by psychologists.
14. Smoking
A wave of bans on Smoking in public places has bypassed China. There are people Smoking everywhere. Don’t be surprised if your neighbor takes out a cigarette on the bus and lights it – this is a normal phenomenon.

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