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Concepts originally from the USSR that have not been heard of abroad

Today, it is customary to scold the times of the Soviet Union. They say that everything was bad then, but today it is much better. Everyone is free to remain with their opinions, but there is no denying that a lot of interesting things happened during the youth of our mothers and grandmothers. Today we stopped at a selection of concepts originally from the Soviet times, which have never been heard of abroad.

1. Sit on the path

All residents of the post-Soviet space know that if family members who were busy packing up their belongings before leaving the house sit down and keep quiet, then the trip will be successful and everything will go well. And the omen often works, because at this very moment of silence, someone remembers about the passport lying in another purse, the iron turned on and the leaking tank. Whatever it was, but the mystical “sit” is practiced only in our latitudes.
2. To nibble sunflower seeds
Despite the fact that the sunflower flower was introduced to us about two hundred years ago, eating seeds has become an integral part of our life. Husk seeds accompany our citizens on fishing trips, on a bench under the entrance, watching your favorite TV series and just when you need something to do with your hands. Moreover, the eating of seeds is so firmly embedded in our culture that even historians sometimes forget that we did not always have seeds.
3. old new year

At the beginning of the twentieth century, Russia followed Europe in switching from the Julian calendar to the Gregorian calendar. Around the same time, an atheistic revolution took place in Russia and other countries of the Soviet Union, which did not fit in at all with the celebration of the Nativity of Christ. Therefore, January 7 was safely sent to the backyard, elevated to the rank of secondary holidays, and the main one was made hanging around the neighborhood New year.

By the way, atheistic beliefs of citizens of the Soviet Union did not prevent the use of traditional Christmas attributes in the form of burning lights, stars and wreaths. As a result, we have become the owners of a whole bunch of winter holidays that begin on December 31 and end on January 14, when we celebrate the Old New year out of habit. Nowhere in the world do they walk like we do.
4. Activated carbon
Activated carbon is an excellent absorbent that can cope with many gastrointestinal problems, and you can not argue with this. This remedy is also available abroad, but there pharmacists have learned to successfully mask the main component of this drug, turning black tablets into white pills and colored capsules. And only we continue to chew blackening pills that stain the teeth, lips, tongue, and even hands.
5. Buckwheat porridge

The name of this porridge suggests that the place of its origin is Greece. But this logical assumption is fundamentally wrong. Ancient evidence of buckwheat cultivation was found in the Altai, and it is considered the birthplace of our porridge. It was from the Altai that buckwheat seeds spread across the expanses of Asia. However, they took root only in Japan and China, and then not in the form of porridge, but as flour. Buckwheat is not used anywhere else, and in many countries they do not even know what it is.

For example, organic food stores in Europe and the United States sell buckwheat… green and unroasted… But in the countries of the former USSR, buckwheat took root and fell in love. There was even a time when buckwheat porridge was considered one of the most affordable products. As for the taste, nutritionists are sure that you need to get used to buckwheat porridge from childhood. Those who try this dish for the first time, note the bitterness and chemical taste.
6. Knock on wood
The need to knock on wood goes back to ancient times. Pagans believed that people were surrounded by a huge number of spirits, and not all of them were good. The vast majority of spirits were evil and just waited for the moment when someone would share their plans, dreams and hopes, then immediately swoop in and destroy everything. But knocking on wood could frighten and stop spiteful people. Times have changed and the sign has lost its relevance over time everywhere, but not in our country. We keep knocking, you never know what!
7. birch SAP

It is surprising that birch trees grow in many parts of the world, but only in our latitudes did they think of extracting juice from them. It is not known what is the secret of the amazing taste of our birches, but their juice is adored by children and adults. Despite the fact that all connoisseurs noted that the taste of the drink has changed for the worse over the years, we still give foreigners a glass of birch juice and wait with interest for its reaction.
8. Zelenka

Abroad, our” green ” children are legendary. And this is not surprising, because experts have found that the composition of this miracle drug is full of harmful teratogens with carcinogens. However, we do not believe in these stupidities, continuing to buy green and smear it on anything, up to the nipples of the nursing mother.
9. Pionerball

You don’t know what pionerball is? So your childhood was far away from the countries of the former USSR. If it is short and understandable words, pionerbol is a lightweight volleyball. And to be completely honest, this is a game that no one knows the rules of, but everyone can play. You just need to throw the ball over the net, trying to throw it so that members of the other team could not catch it. Usually in physical education classes, boys were sent to play soccer, and girls were invited to play pionerball.
10. Women’s and men’s days

Every year on February 23, women congratulate all men on defender of the Fatherland Day, so that they then in turn do not forget about the ladies on March 8. About the background of these holidays, we have long and safely forgotten and we congratulate on February 23 those who are afraid of serving in the army, and from March 8-women who have not worked in their lives a day. But no one is offended.
11. Game show
It is noteworthy that the intellectual TV game ” What? Where? When?”and the KVN humorous contest are unique products of our domestic television. All the rest of the show, we successfully “stripped” from the Western show. But these two have been pleasing viewers for many years and they have no analogues anywhere in the world.

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