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A comfortable truck that turns into a 2-story hotel on wheels

For outdoor enthusiasts, engineers have created a huge number of campers that allow you not only to move along the designated route, but also to relax comfortably. Today we want to present an interesting version of a two-story house on wheels, which has been turned into a mobile base for surfers, with cozy rooms and a recreation area.

One very enthusiastic couple, Daniela Carneiro and Eduardo Ribeiro, decided to convert a Mercedes Actros truck so that they could always have not only a roof over their heads, but all the necessary equipment for surfing.

Since they have been traveling for many years through the unknown expanses of Europe, Asia and even Africa, they were able to develop a concept of creating a home that would fully meet all the needs of a person accustomed to the benefits of civilization and comfort.

According to their project, the designers re-equipped the truck so that it is now considered the most successful and comfortable creation of the Mercedes company. They are very proud of this transformation.

The customers themselves, having seen the final result of joint creativity, decided to open their own business-organizing Truck Surf Hotel, which offers unforgettable surf tours in Portugal and Morocco.

Let’s take a look inside this unusual hotel on wheels.

Indeed, looking at the creation of designers, you can only be kind to envy the owners of this mobile home. After all, it could be equipped so that a trip to unknown places will bring a lot of fun, without burdening with everyday problems.

Thanks to the fact that it was decided to divide the space into two floors, it became possible to create full-fledged rooms, the interior and area of which can be envied by owners of small apartments. Moreover, the second floor after Parking the car in the Parking lot when launching a specially designed system of hydraulic jacks turns into spacious hotel rooms, which even have access to the balcony.
Taking into account that this truck and its walls are not adapted to withstand a large temperature difference, it was decided to make all the interior decoration exclusively from environmentally friendly natural materials, as well as to organize such thermal insulation to withstand both high and low temperatures.
The natural finish of the walls emphasizes the harmony of the entire interior and does not violate the special atmosphere of comfort and unity with nature.

Due to the fact that special systems and modular furniture were used in the equipment of the rooms, it was possible to save a lot of free space, which, if necessary, turns into a cozy sitting or sleeping area.

On the second floor, there are five bedrooms, four of which have bunk beds, and one is a large one that can be hidden by simply lifting it up and fixing it on the wall.
Each room has Windows that allow you to admire the incredible beauty of the vast ocean and surrounding nature. In General, the interior design is made in the style of minimalism, for such mobile conditions, bulky furniture is not necessary. Also, each room has an air conditioning system that allows you to relax at a comfortable temperature. In total, this original hotel has 10 beds.

On the lower tier, public areas were placed. A huge living room serves not only as a place for communication of like-minded people, but also as a cozy dining area. There is also a well-equipped kitchen where everyone can prepare a delicious Breakfast or lunch.

Naturally, they equipped a bathroom with a toilet and shower.

There is also a cargo compartment that stores furniture for the barbecue area, a removable awning, all equipment and even a Quad bike.
When you are determined with a Parking place, because such a mobile hotel can stay where its inhabitants want, the owners create a recreation area. With the help of the awning, a small canopy is installed, which allows you to organize pleasant friendly gatherings in the fresh air, cooking food on a small grill.

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