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10 vertiginous staircases, which you will only have the courage to crawl along

As a rule, it is architectural structures that claim all the glory as attractions of any country. But sometimes the stairs leading to those very monuments deserve no less attention. A journey through 10 of the most fantastic and unreal staircases will make you both admire and shudder at the same time.
1. Stairs on the sacred mountain Huashan (China)

Mount Huashan is considered sacred, so at the very top (2130 meters!) there are monasteries where not only monks and pilgrims, but also desperate tourists keep their most dangerous and sometimes deadly path.

They move on narrow bridges that hang over a deep chasm, climb vertical steps cut into the rock. More than half of the trails are without railings, and only the most dangerous crossings are equipped with fixed chains. This path can only be overcome by strong and healthy people, so not everyone is allowed to climb.
2. Stairs leading to the Angkor Wat temple (Cambodia)
Angkor Wat is a huge temple complex that has no equal both in beauty and in the preservation of the structure itself. After all, it was built in the first half of the XII century in honor of the Hindu God Vishnu. The height of the structure is 65 meters, so to get inside such a monumental structure, you need to climb the stairs, which has a significant slope – 70 degrees.

And the reason for this difficult ascent is that the Buddhist monks wanted to remind people of the incredibly difficult path to heaven. In our time, this is the most iconic place for Buddhists all over the world, so they rush to it, overcoming such steep stairs.

3. Extreme stairs in the Taihang mountains (China)
This unusual staircase, located in Shanxi province in the Western part of the Taihang mountains, was created to tickle the nerves of tourists and thrill-seekers.
In order to get to the most picturesque and secluded places, above the cleft in which the mountain stream flows, iron rods were driven into the rock with narrow steps fixed on them. However, no railings are provided. For basic insurance, a metal chain was stretched, which you can hold on to when passing such a dangerous section of the path.

4. Stairs Gaztelugatxe (Spain)

This delightful range of stairs is located on the island of Gaztelugatxe in Spain. It connects the island with the mainland and was built in the X century. Its rapid ascent leads to the top of the hill on which the Templar temple is located.

For many centuries of existence of this unusual place, it has grown a lot of incredible legends and various beliefs, thanks to which the island has become a very popular tourist and pilgrimage area. People rush here with the hope of healing and a miracle.

5. “Ladder of dreams” (Japan)

The staircase was created on the island of avadzi and is a unique complex with numerous unusual exhibits and a delightful garden located on 100 levels. This stunning garden is designed as a memorial to the victims of the 1995 Kobe earthquake. Here you can walk for a long time on the steps between the flower beds, each of which is unique and inimitable, peacefully thinking about the meaning of life.

6. Spiral staircase in Linzhou (China)

This staircase is located in the Tiihan mountains and was created to connect with a remote mountain village, and now serves as an unusual entertainment for tourists. Locals call it the “Stairway to heaven”. Climbing it is a kind of imitation of climbing a mountain with a height of 91.5 m, but without climbing equipment. The steps of this spiral staircase, like a huge boa constrictor, wrap around an iron post set perpendicular to the ground. Not everyone is allowed to climb it, because it is very difficult and dangerous entertainment.

7. The steps leading to the waterfall “the Cup of the Devil” (Ecuador)

This famous canyon staircase leads you to the majestic “devil’s Cup” waterfall (Pailon del Diablo), which is located on the Pastaza river, near the city of Banos.
This waterfall is famous not only for its unusual winding staircase, but also for the through tunnel that leads to its other side. This allows you to see a stunning sight – a falling wall of water from inside the waterfall itself.

8. Stairs of the king of Aragon (France)

The staircase (Escalier du roi) is located on the island of Corsica and is one of the most dizzying structures in the world. It runs along the walls of the city of Bonifacio and is cut into a sheer rock. The angle of its ascent is not very steep, about 45 degrees (compared to previous stairs), but to overcome the entire path, you need to climb 187 stone steps.

And it passes over the sea, so during the ascent, you can admire the amazing seascape. The stairs have a unique feature-thanks to a special design, during the ascent there is an incredible feeling of “falling up”, due to the fact that under your feet is a blue, amazing transparency of the sea.

9. “Heaven’s gate” of Tianmen and the road leading to It (China)

This long staircase, consisting of 999 steps, rises to an amazing arch (Tianmen Cave), which was formed in the Tianmen mountains back in 263 ad and has an incredible height of 131 m.Therefore, all those who ascend to it feel that they are going straight to the sky. This number of steps was not carved by chance, because according to ancient Chinese philosophy, everyone who overcomes the 999 steps will attain eternal joy.

Special attention should be paid to the road leading to the sky, which was built from 1998 to 2006, with a length of 11 kilometers. It is difficult to imagine, but it begins its dizzying climb from 200 meters below sea level and ends at an altitude of 1300 meters above sea level.

Of course, there is an alternative to such a long and difficult path – the cable car, whose length is 7455 meters, which has become the longest in the world. But such a long trip is worth it, because the tourists open up fantastic horizons of the picturesque area.

10. Stairway to heaven in Hawaii (USA)

The staircase leading to the highest heaven consists of 3922 steps and is located on the picturesque island of Oahu. It is one of the most beautiful and impressive routes created by man.When you climb its steps up to the top, which is almost always shrouded in thick fog, you get the feeling of unreal entry into the clouds.

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