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The most beautiful places in Europe that tourists have not yet trampled

Many people are already tired of big cities and crowded popular routes, vying with tour operators, so they are looking for an opportunity to see Europe in a quieter and calmer environment. It would seem that this is an impossible dream, because all the sights are already visited by tourists. But there are still unexplored and unique corners of European countries that have preserved an authentic identity and a certain mystery due to the fact that they are still not drowned in the flow of tourist raids.

Europe has always attracted tourists with its unique and inimitable cities with their unsurpassed architecture and unique culture. But not everyone wants to see the sights in the eternal flow of thousands of tourists, so we have selected 10 of the most incredible places that will amaze you with their splendor, surprise you with the peace and quiet of a measured life away from the bustling tourist routes.

1. Lofoten Islands (Norway)

The Lofoten Islands are located in the cold waters of the Norwegian sea beyond the Arctic circle. This harsh region is incredibly attractive for its wild nature, the grandeur of the mountains, deep fjords, vocal bird markets and sandy beaches.

This is the most fertile place for active people, because thanks to the unique landscape here you can relax, go Hiking on the mountain peaks, go rafting on the Troll fjord or just walk through the Viking Museum “Lofotr”, and even enjoy the midnight … sun.

2. Sintra City (Portugal)
Sintra – the most magical and mysterious city in Portugal, looking at which, it seems that I got into an illustrated book of fairy tales. It is located on picturesque hills, where there are winding paths with steep and dangerous turns, mystical forests that are in a constant haze. And in the midst of this unspoilt beauty, you can see ancient family estates, fearsome walls of defensive fortresses and delightful Royal palaces on the secluded edges of the forest.

The mild climate and picturesque places were appreciated by the Royal family back in the 14th century, thanks to which beautiful palaces were built here and fantastic parks were created, which delight the residents of the city to this day, and guests simply lead to an incredible delight.

3. The Town Of Dinant (Belgium)

The city of Dinant is very small, but it is located in one of the most picturesque places in all of Belgium. The beauty of the Meuse river and the huge rock overhanging it makes the city particularly attractive.The main historical attraction of the city is the formidable impregnable citadel of Dinan, which can be seen from any point, because it rises above the city at an altitude of 100 meters. And the fortress is located on the rocky Bank of the river and has a wedge-shaped shape.

At the foot of the majestic rock is the Church of our lady (Notre-Dame), which was first built in the 11th century, but after the fall of a huge boulder collapsed. A Gothic-style Church was built on the same site in the 15th century, which is still the main architectural monument of the city.It is also noteworthy that in this little – known town lived and created Adolf sax, who invented the famous musical instrument-the saxophone.

4. Kalambaka (Greece)

The small Greek town of Kalambaka is located at the very foot of the magical stone forest-Meteor rocks, on which The world-famous Holy Meteora Monasteries are “scattered”, where pilgrims and tourists rush daily.The city itself does not attract tourists, although they are happy to visit local cafes and restaurants where they can taste delicious national dishes. But if you decide to stay here, then the surrounding city on all sides of the fantastic rocks and their night lighting will leave an indelible impression for a lifetime.
5. City Of Alberobello (Italy)
This small Italian city is famous for its strange structures, which have no analogues anywhere in the world – houses called Trulli. There are about one and a half thousand such unusual mushrooms and, located on the hills of Alberobello, they create the feeling of being in a fairy-tale city of dwarfs.
For this originality and uniqueness, the city was included in the UNESCO world heritage list. Despite this external similarity, you will not find two identical houses, because each not only has a different interior, but also the drawings on the domes are absolutely unique.

In this style, not only residential premises are decorated, but the entire infrastructure consists of Trulli hotels, Trulli restaurants, Trulli shops and even a Church.
6. The Village Of Rocamadour (France)
The village of Rocamadour is considered an absolutely unusual village in Europe because of its strange location. Since it is located on the slope of a cliff, the houses are located almost on a vertical plane.

In addition, there are the relics of the Christian hermit St. Amadur, which are considered miraculous, and allegedly stored one of the most famous magic swords of king Arthur-durendal.

And yet, up main street, you can see the famous architectural monuments, which almost merged with the rock: the chapel of Saint-Michel, where there are frescoes of the XII medieval chapel of Saint-Blaise, the chapel of Notre Dame with a miraculous figure of the Black Madonna, the Wonders of the grotto with rock paintings and fantastic shapes of stalactites. And all these centuries-old masterpieces in one small village!

7. City Of Tenby (United Kingdom)

There is a wonderful city like Tenby on the map of Europe! Here are incredibly beautiful castles, some of them Dating back more than a thousand years, as well as temples that still amaze the imagination with their grandeur and scope.
And for those who love a holiday, there are simply amazing beaches with the cleanest water in all of England, as well as unusual marinas. Therefore, a wonderful holiday and cultural program will be very rich and unforgettable.

8. The town of Budva and the island of Sveti Stefan (Montenegro)

The most beautiful resort city in Montenegro is considered to be Budva. Guests will be surprised by the unspoilt nature of these lands, as well as architectural monuments that date back more than one hundred years.

The hallmark of the entire country, not just the city, is the island of St. Stephen. Thanks to a small man-made isthmus, it is connected to the land and is located only 5 km from Budva. Just 50 years ago, there was a small fishing village, and now it is the most extraordinary island hotel in the world.

9. Belovezhskaya Pushcha (Republic of Belarus)

Belovezhskaya Pushcha is the main attraction of Belarus. It preserves the unique remains of the primeval forest, which are included in the UNESCO world cultural heritage lists. This biosphere reserve is the last island of Europe’s relic forest, which once stretched from the Baltic coast to the bug and from the Oder to the Dnieper.

The forest was the most favorite hunting place for both old Russian princes and Polish kings, as well as the Lithuanian nobility. And now it attracts ecotourism lovers with its unique forest expanses and the rarest representatives of both flora and fauna located on its territory.
10. Solovetsky Islands (Russia)
Solovki (as they are also called) – a real edge of the Russian land, which causes the feeling that you are in a parallel universe. There are no fashionable resorts, entertainment centers and the benefits of civilization.But you can see the fascinating and harsh Northern nature, untouched forest, where you will find berries and mushrooms, as well as meet fantastic sunsets and even the Northern lights. If you are lucky, you will meet a seal or even a Greenland seal.

This rugged archipelago also has architectural attractions, as well as a unique dam with its own special hydraulic system. This region is closely connected with the history of Russian Orthodoxy, a striking architectural creation of which is the Spaso-Preobrazhensky Solovetsky Stavropol monastery.


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