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Useful ideas from other countries that we would like to borrow
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Useful ideas from other countries that we would like to borrow

Many of us have long been used to nod at Europe, saying that they have greener grass there, and higher living standards. As they say, it is good where we are not. However, there are a lot of amazing ideas implemented in European countries that would not hurt us to adopt. See for yourself.

1. System of fines
The system of fines in Finland and Sweden differs significantly from the Russian one. In these countries, the amount of payment depends directly on the offender’s income. Accordingly, the average worker with a minimum salary will pay significantly less than the businessman. Also in some European countries, there is such a thing as a”daily fine”. The number of days is determined by the severity of the violation, and the payment amount is calculated based on the violator’s net income for one day.
2. The reduction of the prison term
Although Brazil is not in Europe, its government has come up with an interesting system to encourage prisoners to read. Thus, for each high-quality report on a book read, four days are deducted from the prison term, but no more than 48 days per year. In this way, the Brazilian government is trying to help criminals become more educated and balanced. According to experts, people who read are less likely to commit offenses than those who do not like books. It is worth noting that the system really works. According to statistics of recent years, the number of crimes committed by former prisoners has decreased by 30 percent.
3. Encouraging “good” drivers
In the Swedish capital, Stockholm, a lottery is held annually for “good” drivers with a prize pool of up to $ 3,000. The prize Fund is formed from the funds paid by drivers on receipts for speeding violations. Participants in the draw automatically become all those who have faithfully followed the rules of the road for a year and did not have fines. At the end of the year, several dozen drivers selected by drawing lots receive a receipt as a reward.
4. Box for newborns
The government of Finland considers it its duty to give all children born in the country the same start in life. Therefore, every woman after discharge from the hospital receives a Maternity Box. This is a fairly large bright box, which contains a mattress, bed linen, a sleeping bag for a stroller, diapers, socks, several bodysuits, warm overalls, toys, dishes and other important things for the baby. The contents of the box may vary depending on the mother’s marital status and family welfare. By the way, the box itself can be used as the first crib, since it exactly corresponds to the standards of the average infant.
5. New year’s benefits

The Norwegian government knows how much the population will spend during the new year holidays. To help people well celebrate the winter holidays and not go broke, since November, the income tax is reduced by half. Thus, the salary for the last two months of the year increases significantly, allowing citizens to buy gifts for their relatives and celebrate the beginning of the new year properly.
6. Salary for school children

To encourage a love of learning, the Swedish authorities pay school children. Every month, every schoolchild in the country receives $ 187 for office and personal needs. This decision helped to quickly cope with absenteeism and ensure almost 100 percent attendance in public schools in Sweden.
7. Cultural bonus

Every new canadian receives an annual subscription for free access to all museums, exhibitions and other cultural centers in the country. This policy allows yesterday’s immigrants to learn more about the history and get acquainted with the multifaceted and diverse culture of Canada.
8. Garbage by weight

It’s no secret that recycling is expensive. In order to somehow reduce the cost of waste disposal and teach people to think about nature, the German authorities have introduced a fee of 2 dollars for every 450 grams of garbage. This policy has made people more conscious of what they throw away. Many residents have started to turn food waste into compost and recycle some of the garbage themselves.
9. Capital for a ” rainy day»

It turns out that Norway owns the largest savings Fund. And all because the state thinks about the future and knows how to properly manage taxes. So, all taxes on gasoline and oil go to the state Fund, which in 2014 consisted of 828 trillion dollars. This capital is designed to help the future generation, develop the country’s welfare, and is also a kind of buffer in case of force majeure situations.
10. Elections in Australia
You may be surprised, but in Australia, the turnout for elections is 95 percent. And all because the country’s authorities have obliged citizens to pay fines for not showing up at the polling station. Therefore, Australians are not lazy and regularly go to fulfill their civic duty, and the one who has not decided on the favorite, can always just spoil the ballot.
11. Sex for the disabled
The life of disabled people is not easy and joyful. Most of them find it difficult to build personal relationships, and physical intimacy for many is just a dream. In order to somehow brighten up the lives of people with disabilities, the Dutch authorities have taken on a mission to pay for sexual services for the disabled. According to statistics, this policy significantly reduces the level of depression in people with disabilities.
12. Advertising under control

Residents of Russia and other post-Soviet countries know firsthand the feeling that advertising lasts longer than a movie or TV show. And while we are suffering, viewing the next ad block, the UK authorities have taken control of the situation and limited the display of ads to 8 minutes per hour.
13. Bicycles instead of cars

Today, the Netherlands is the most Cycling country in the world. And all because the city authorities encourage and support the love of this transport in every possible way. In this country, drivers of two-wheeled horses are treated as full-fledged road users. Moreover, in any dispute involving a car and a Bicycle, the driver of the car will always be guilty. The landscape of cities also encourages Cycling in every possible way. In schools, children are required to take a theoretical and practical Cycling test. This policy makes bicycles almost the main mode of transport, which has a beneficial effect on the physical shape of the population and the environment of the country.

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