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Impressive railway stations in the world, just for the sake of visiting which is already worth packing your bags

Every country in the world can boast of the splendor of architectural structures that have been admired by tourists and the pride of their owners for centuries. It does not matter whether it is a magnificent amphitheater, an impregnable fortress, a Royal Palace or an ordinary railway station. After all, the latter are the main business card of the city where they are located and leave the most vivid trace in the memory of any traveler.

Indeed, any journey starts from the railway station, and as citizens will be able to organize the most important transport arteries, this impression is formed not only about a specific area, but also about the country as a whole.

1. Chhatrapati-Shivaji railway station in Mumbai (India)

One of the most impressive and famous attractions of the Indian city of Mumbai is the Chhatrapati-Shivaji railway station. It is considered the largest and most crowded railway station in India, and according to some surveys, the most beautiful in the world. Its construction began in 1878 and lasted for 10 years.

It combines the neo-Gothic style of the Victorian era with traditional Indo-Saracen elements. Its monumental facade is crowned by a Gothic dome, on top of which is an original statue representing progress, and above the columns of the gate sit figures of an Indian tiger and a Royal lion.

The interior of such a magnificent structure is distinguished by Victorian pomp, it is decorated with unusual wood carvings with wrought iron and copper elements of the railing. The entire interior of the station is thought out to the smallest detail and impresses with the beauty of stained glass Windows and decorative grilles, balustrades and painted azure ceiling, luxurious floral ornaments of floor tiles and pointed niches that resemble a Church nave.

2. Antwerp Central Station (Belgium)
This original architectural creation is more like a majestic Cathedral, rather than the main transport hub of the city. Its construction began in 1899, and in just six years it was possible to create a truly impressive structure in an eclectic style.
Just imagine, the Central dome rises 75 meters above the building, while the arch over the railway tracks reaches 43 meters in height, and its length is 186 meters! And all this grandiose creation is made of glass and steel.

Special attention should be paid to the interior of the station, because twenty types of marble were used to finish its interior, which in beauty and grandeur can only be compared with the Palace decor.

3. New York Central station (USA)

Grand Central (Grand Central Terminal) is the most famous train station not only in new York, but also in the world. Its construction began in 1903, and in 10 years the transport infrastructure was built, covering an area of 19 hectares, where 44 platforms and 67 railway tracks are located on two levels.

The original building itself has an impressive size – its length reaches 84 meters, and width – 38 meters. It was built in the style of eclecticism and Beaux-Arts, which harmoniously combine the traditions of the Italian Renaissance and French Baroque.

The waiting room combines utilitarianism and extraordinary luxury, which is emphasized by magnificent arched Windows and vaulted columns. And the Golden-azure ceiling, decorated with astronomical figures and a scattering of stars, impresses with its fantastic beauty.

4. Southern Cross station in Melbourne (Australia)

Southern Cross Station is famous for its extremely spectacular modern design. Its main decoration is a huge undulating roof, which is complemented by fantastic lighting at night.

In fact, this station is historical, it was previously called Spencer Street, but during a major redevelopment in 2005, it was completely modernized and changed its name.

The most unusual detail of the interior of the railway station is a unique mural that reveals the entire history of the formation and development of transport in Melbourne.

5. San Bento train station in Porto (Portugal)

The railway station, which is located in the city of Porto, is a striking example of architectural excellence and an artistic masterpiece that has no equal in Europe. It was built on the ruins of the old monastery of San Bento de Ave Maria, and the first stone of the construction was laid by the king of Portugal in 1900.This huge structure was built according to all the canons of the French neoclassical, and the most painstaking work on the interior design was entrusted to the artist Georges colas, who for 11 years of grueling work personally painted more than 20 thousand azuleju ceramic tiles in the traditional Portuguese style.

These tiles were laid all the walls of the San Bento station in the Port. Majestic epic tile paintings betray the life of ordinary Portuguese peasants and the luxury of monarch life, show the most important historical events and bloody battles. It is this design of the walls that made this extraordinary railway station famous, which eventually turned into a kind of art Museum.

Because of the huge influx of tourists who came to see this particular tile panel, the authorities had to move the station itself to another place. Thanks to such a reasonable solution, everyone who wants to see this unique creation can safely spend hours looking at every detail of an unusual painting.

6. Atocha train station in Madrid (Spain)

Atocha station is not only the largest railway artery in the capital of Spain, but also the most popular attraction in Madrid. The history of the country’s largest transport hub dates back to 1851, when the city’s first railway station was opened. But after some time, a fire completely destroyed the station building, which was the beginning of new construction, which ended in 1892.
After reconstruction in 1980, the railway track was moved underground, and on the site of the old terminal, they decided to make a huge cultural center. It has an exotic tropical garden, which has more than 500 species of plants and covers an area of about 4000 square meters.

And in the very center, an original pond was created, where turtles live. This unusual station is considered to be the most picturesque station in the world.

7. Kanazawa Station (Japan)

This very unusual railway station in the small provincial Japanese town of Kanazawa is a major attraction due to its unique exterior.

Its design combines traditional Japanese wooden architecture with incredible futuristic elements. Just look at the 14-meter wooden gate that resembles the national drum of tsuzumi and the huge dome made of steel and a huge amount of glass.

And immediately drawn a harmonious connection of two radically different cultures, which only emphasizes the originality of the architectural idea.

8. St Pancras station in London (United Kingdom)

St Pancras is not just a railway station, but a real gem of architecture, created in the style of the Victorian era at the end of the XIX century.
It is considered the most romantic place in all of London, where all the city’s couples meet.
After a major reconstruction completed in 2007, the facade of the building remained unchanged, but once inside the station, visitors are simply speechless from such an incredible harmony of the majestic Victorian style and ultra-modern structures and systems.

9. Railway station in Samara (Russia)

This is the highest railway station in Europe located in Samara. Its fantastic architectural solution surprises with its modern interpretation of travel to the future.

Created from concrete and glass, the futuristic structure can be seen from afar, thanks to the original dome sparkling in the sun or in the rays of multicolored spotlights.

At its very top is an observation deck that allows you to see almost the entire city.

10. Railway station liège-Guillemins (Belgium)

This stunning railway station is the clearest confirmation of how an original architectural creation can radically change the appearance of the entire city.
More recently, thanks to the genius of the greatest architect of our time, Santiago Calatrava, a railway station has appeared in Liege, which is not just out of the General picture of the city’s buildings, but explodes the brain with its fantastic grandeur and originality.

It is like a huge Stingray hanging over the ground, creating the illusion of unreality of what is happening.

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