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The most popular tourist houses in the world, where you want to stay forever

All unforgettable trips in our time begin with Airbnb-a well-known online platform that helps tourists to rent private housing. For its 10th anniversary, this online resource published a list of the most popular and desirable places to stay during a trip or vacation, which travelers noted as the most favorite. It doesn’t matter whether this house is made of tropical wood, cut out of a rock or is a restored Palace – all of them cause delight and leave an indelible impression.
Each of these creations has its own charms, but they have one thing in common – it is more than just a place to stay while traveling. After all, they leave the most unforgettable and vivid impressions about your vacation and the trip to an unknown country.

1. Palace in Marrakech (Morocco, 59,838 people are interested in this place)
This magnificent Palace (RIADA) is located in Marrakech, it is decorated in a traditional Moroccan style with a courtyard and luxury apartments.

2. Bamboo eco-cottage in rice fields in Ubud on the island of Bali (Indonesia, 65,644 people who want to visit this place)
This unusual house, located on the island of Bali, is widely popular among ecotourism enthusiasts. It is also called a wicker cottage, because it is all created from intertwining bamboo branches and grass. The attic has a mini bedroom, a modern elegant bathroom and an outdoor living area that will make your stay truly unforgettable.

3. Off-grid IT House in Yucca valley (USA, 63,669 people are interested in this place)
Off-grid IT House is a significant house in architectural terms, recently noted by Dwell as one of the” best homes in America ” and by the Los Angeles Times as one of the best homes of all time in southern California. This extraordinary house is located in California and is 100% remote from civilization, all the benefits and comfort are organized using solar panels, and otherwise-complete detachment from the city and merging with the wild nature of the valley in the beautiful California mountain area.

4. Stone Villa on the island of Crete (Greece, 76,658 people are interested in this place)

This stone Villa is located in the village of Kaliviani and has a stunning view of Kissamos Bay, located next to the unique Balos lagoon and the famous Falasarna beach. This luxury Villa has everything for a comfortable stay for a small family.

5. A house on high stilts in the rainforest in fern forest (Hawaii, 66,336 people dream to relax here)

This hovering above the ground the house is located in the lush jungle, near volcanoes National Park. Natural lighting, solar energy and rainwater catchment are three principles that have been integrated into the design of an unusual house, making it practically a living organism. The original decoration and its location will bring a lot of pleasure for lovers of outdoor recreation.

6. House on an unusual island in the Bay of Kotor (Montenegro, 52,964 people dream to relax here)
This charming, rustic-style apartment is located next to the Perast Museum on the waterfront, which is washed on all sides by the waters of the Bay of Kotor. The beautiful house has a large terrace with fantastic views, where travelers and vacationers can enjoy a morning coffee or a romantic al fresco dinner. The house is fully landscaped, so a comfortable stay for the family will always be provided.

7. Unique eco-house in the mountains of Gunung Agung (Bali, 77,177 people are interested in this place)
For those who want to relax away from civilization, this bamboo house is located in the slopes of the Gunung Agung volcano, on the picturesque river Bank among rice fields. This real shelter is an ideal place for travelers, nature and travel lovers, tourists, artists, musicians and eco-enthusiasts. It will allow you to have a unique experience of living in a village in Bali.

8. Hector Cave House in Santorini (Greece, 133,869 people would like to relax in this place)
This unique room was carved 250 years ago in the Hector cave. It has been turned into luxury apartments where relaxing on the outdoor terrace will outshine the most expensive Spa. Not to mention the exquisite interior decoration that will satisfy any traveler: there is a luxurious living room, a very cozy bedroom, a kitchen and a bathroom equipped with everything necessary for complete comfort.

9. A hut on a farm in the rainforest of the Andes mountains (Colombia, 99,622 people would like to relax in this place)
This charming hut is located on the territory of a small organic farm and has become a favorite holiday destination for lovers of everything natural and natural. There is a place to walk, enjoying the smells of herbs and flowers, the singing of birds and the sounds of a waterfall, as well as the opportunity to see unusual coffee plantations.

10. Trullo Edera in the Apulia region (Italy, 164,444 people who want to relax in this place)

The most sought-after and favorite home on Airbnb looks like a miniature castle with its conical roofs and white stone walls. Such fairy-tale houses you will not find anywhere else, they are located only in this region and are the world heritage of our entire planet. In one of them, we created a guest house where you can relax under an olive tree and relax after a hike through the unusual streets of this city.


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