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There is a capsule hotel in Vnukovo, or how to relax at the airport without leaving the transit zone

Travelers who frequently use the services of the airport, well aware of how difficult it is to spend a long time waiting for your flight. The largest air hubs have found an affordable way to solve this problem – they have organized capsule rest areas that are located on the territory of the transit zone. Recently, this one appeared at Vnukovo international airport in Moscow.
Initially, capsule hotels or places for recreation were not very presentable, and there was no smell of comfort, but you could endure the night in them. They were a box for sleeping without Windows and extra space, which could only accommodate a narrow bed. But now, given that the requirements of modern people to comfort have increased, the mini-rooms have undergone drastic changes, and some of them can easily replace a full-fledged hotel room.Designers have created a very complex model of capsules that will help travelers to fully relax without leaving the transit zone of the airport.

1. GoSleep Model
GoSleep Pod-Finnish capsules for relaxation, which are a comfortable chair that transforms into a bed. Its shell has excellent sound insulation qualities and allows you to relax without prying eyes, and also has a Luggage compartment under the seat, a power outlet and a set of chargers. These models are the most common and are found in many international airports around the world.

2. Model 9 N, Aerosleep
This model of the capsule complex is extremely concise and very informative, all its functions and features are reflected in the explanatory pictures, which makes life easier for guests. The rooms are located on top of each other and have the appearance of a honeycomb, inside there is a bed, TV and air conditioning system, which can be controlled from a special remote control. Visitors are provided with a set of bedding and hygiene products. This capsule hotel is located at Narita airport (Japan) and recently appeared at Vnukovo international airport (Moscow, Russia).

3. NapCabs Model
These are large 4-meter capsules, which contain: a bed with bedding, a special area for work, a multimedia screen, all types of chargers and air conditioning. It is noteworthy that cleanliness in such a hotel is provided automatically when a person leaves the room, the door is blocked and only after cleaning and changing bed linen becomes available to guests again.

4. Sleep Pod Model
Interesting two-story booths designed by Vietnamese designers are equipped with a bed, nightstand, clothes rack, multimedia screen and Autonomous air conditioning system. There is an Internet connection, and snacks and drinks are provided during your stay.

5. Snooze At My Space Model
The capsule hotel Sams Snooze at My Space is guaranteed to have comfortable beds (a choice of one, two, and 1.5 or 2 beds) with clean linen, work area, TV, mini-refrigerator, Wi-Fi, and you can also order a set of additional services.

6. Snoozecube Model
These “cubes” are located at Dubai international airport (DXB), where the traveler will find a comfortable bed, stylish design interior, multimedia screen, Wi-Fi, convenient connection with air services, air conditioning and a set of services.

7. Yotel Model
Yotel is a rather large capsules (7-10 sq m) of luxury. These are full-fledged hotel rooms that have bathrooms with all necessary bath accessories, and the shower imitates the noise of a tropical downpour. There are very comfortable beds with orthopedic mattresses and high-quality linen, Wi-Fi and TV, equipped with a workplace, and also deliver food and free drinks. These high-comfort capsule systems are installed at international airports in Amsterdam, Paris and London.

8. The Minute Suites Model
This is a whole chain of capsule hotels that are located at airports of domestic and international flights in the United States, which have a huge passenger traffic. All rooms are very well Soundproofed, they have a comfortable sofa, multimedia screen, Internet, as well as an equipped workplace and departure Board.
As you can see, a modern tourist can relax before departure in comfort in many airports around the world, the main thing is to worry in advance and book a seat through the online service and find out about the cost of staying in these wonderful hotels in transit zones.

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