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On the world map, there is one very interesting place that has recently become a tourist attraction – Norwegian Longyearbyen. This northernmost city of the world is the largest settlement…

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122 days in a barrel: how a 72-year-old Frenchman crossed the Atlantic
In one of his fairy tales, the great Russian poet Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin wrote: "a Cloud in the sky goes, a barrel on the sea floats...". And it seems that…

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The couple gave up their home and office in exchange for living in a converted Ford Transit

Some modern people are so tired of the city that they are ready to leave their life and completely abandon civilization. A canadian couple decided to take such a drastic step.they sold their house and all their property, re-equipped their van, and have been traveling all over America for 3 years now and have no regrets.

Isabelle and Antoine-a canadian married couple one day decided to completely abandon the habitual existence for many of us (home-work, work-home) and radically changed their lives

And it all started with the fact that a married couple, accustomed to an active lifestyle, began to notice that the daily routine turns their existence into a joyless everyday life. There is less and less time for traveling, which they have been used to since their youth, because they are constantly busy with work. This life is pretty tired of them, and they decided to change everything. As the couple themselves say: “at 36, we left our engineering career, sold our house and everything in it, turned a van into a motor home and went on a trip across America. Since then, 3 years have passed and all this time we are on the road and do not regret anything.”

But to make such a tempting dream come true, it took a lot of work. To begin with, the couple purchased a van, which had to be transformed into a more or less comfortable home, because they planned not just to travel, ride mountain bikes or snowboards, but also to live in it permanently. The fact that the young people had an engineering education helped them to design and purchase the necessary equipment.

However, in order to carry out communications with their own hands, make furniture and all sorts of extendable devices for storing things, products and sports equipment, they had to learn a lot. Moreover, the training process took place right on the “construction site” (in a box or right on the street), where they experimented during the conversion of a Ford Transit van.

To begin with, they removed the existing cladding and made a thorough insulation, because they planned to travel all year round and in different climatic zones,so you can not neglect the heat and noise insulation.

To make life in a tiny space not only cozy, but also safe, natural wood was chosen for decoration, however, and for creating furniture, too. With a tiny space inside the van, the couple had to calculate the area up to a millimeter to create a comfortable living environment.
As a result, they managed to organize a full-size bed. To save space, the bedroom was raised to a high podium, and under the platform there was a storage room, a dressing room and a warehouse for storing mountain bikes and snowboards, tools, car accessories, folding tables and chairs. On the second tier, where the sleeping space is designed, an open rack was made, on the shelves of which things that are needed in the first place were placed, while seasonal items are hidden in hidden drawers located in the dressing room.
Given that Isabel and Antoine prefer to stay away from populated areas, often even in hard-to-reach places, the presence of a full kitchen was extremely necessary. Despite the tiny space, we managed to install a work table-a stand, a sink, a mini-refrigerator, a gas stove with an oven, and several cabinets for storing food, kitchen utensils and Cutlery.

The driver’s and passenger’s seats are equipped with swivel chairs, which allows you to turn them inside the cabin during a meal and have lunch/work in comfort. As a dining table, they use a folding table that can be removed as unnecessary.

And the most important achievement of the couple in the arrangement of a house on wheels – the organization of a toilet inside the van. For this purpose, a composting system was installed, which was safely hidden in a wooden box. When closed, the box can be used as an additional place to relax and as a coffee table.
In order for the mobile home to be fully Autonomous, the couple had to install 2 160-watt solar panels on the roof of the van using 3M VHB tape. This eliminates the need to use batteries once again to maintain the smooth operation of electrical equipment.

A special Maxxair fan was installed to provide fresh air during your stay inside the van in any climate conditions. In addition to everything that was done for the arrangement of the living area, some units of the car had to be modernized, because it was necessary to move through deep snow and ice and at very low temperatures. To organize outdoor recreation in any weather, they decided to purchase and attach the Fiamma F45 retractable canopy system.

After everything was ready, Isabelle and Antoine went on a long-term trip to America. On their website, which they created in order to share developments and progress in the conversion,they posted information about each stage of work with diagrams and drawings. And after the completion of the work, the couple shares their impressions of the trip with a full photo and video report on what beautiful places they have already visited.

“So we live in a van and ride mountain bikes or snowboards almost every day. Many people think that we were just “lucky” or we had a lot of money… this is not true! We just planned and acted. It’s been years of compromise and sacrifice, but now it’s time to enjoy life!»

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