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8 suitable countries for those who are desperate to change their residence

It is good where we are not. This saying is not heard except by a deaf person. Many of our compatriots dream of moving somewhere on the ocean or in a warm country. The current reality is that dreams can quickly come true. We have compiled a list of suitable countries for those who want to change their residence.

1. Montenegro
This small Balkan state with beautiful nature, excellent ecology and a comfortable Mediterranean climate has already become a second home for many Russians. According to statistics, Montenegro is in the Top 5 countries that are attractive for immigration. Russian citizens have the right to enter Montenegro without a visa, provided that they stay in the country for no more than 30 days. In addition, if you have an official job, relatives or spouse in the territory of the Balkan state, you can easily get a one-year visa.

As for the economy and standard of living, Montenegro is not the most prosperous. However, experts are confident that the state has a great future, and the situation will soon change. The average salary in the country is 500 Euros, which is not too much compared to salaries in Europe, but there are cheap and, importantly, high-quality products and relatively low prices for rental housing. For 250-350 euros per month, you can rent a nice apartment with a beautiful view. As for work, Montenegro is always in demand for specialists in the field of tourism, computer technology, medicine, qualified translators, and in extreme cases, you can always get a job as a waiter.
2. China

Despite its population density, China attracts millions of tourists and hundreds of immigrants from all over the world every year. To visit this country, you need a visa, except for Hong Kong, where you can stay without it for up to two weeks. The language barrier may become a problem for immigrants. Chinese young people are quite fluent in English. But in order to fully live and work in this country, you will have to learn Chinese for a long time and diligently.

As for work, English teachers, translators, it specialists, engineers and architects are in high demand in China. Pretty Slavic girls will also not be difficult to find a job in this country. These are often invited to work as dancers, hostesses, waitresses and administrators in clubs. Also, both men and women of Slavic appearance can become actors in Chinese TV series. The average salary of a foreigner in China is 600 dollars, which is enough to live on.
3. Thailand
Thailand is quite a popular destination for recreation among Russians. Most often, our compatriots come to this “land of eternal summer” to escape from the harsh and prolonged winter, and some during their vacation decide to stay here forever. It is worth noting that Thailand is not only the most beautiful beaches, but also developed cities such as: Bangkok, nontaburi, Pakkret.

Renting a modest apartment without a kitchen in Bangkok will cost about 5-6 thousand rubles. As for work, the majority of visitors are freelancers who work online or businessmen who develop their own business, observing Thai laws. As for the language, many people in the capital and tourist areas speak English, and some even Russian.
4. Indonesia
The island of Bali in Indonesia is another popular destination for immigration. Virgin nature, warm climate, exotic culture and the ocean are within walking distance. To come to Bali, Russians need a visa, which can be obtained on the spot. Its validity period is 30 days, after which you can extend it by the same amount without leaving the island.

Housing in Indonesia is quite affordable if you rent it for a long time and pay in advance. As for earnings, most foreigners work in the country on the network or open their own business.
5. Singapore
Singapore is one of the most prosperous and developing Asian countries. It attracts foreigners with its developed entertainment industry, delicious exotic food and mixed culture. To enter the country, a Russian will need a visa, which can only be obtained at the Embassy.

Within the country, Chinese, Tamil, Malay and English are spoken. But as for the work, there may be difficulties. For employment, a foreigner will need a work visa, which is not too easy to obtain. However, Singapore is open for investment, which attracts ambitious businessmen.
6. Israel
For a long time, Israel has been one of the most popular destinations for migration of citizens of the former USSR. This is not surprising: a developed country, a good climate, and the availability of benefits for Jews and those who want to work in the Holy Land.

You can move to Israel by opening a work visa. It is usually made for 365 days with the possibility of extension. The intensive development of the country allows everyone to find a decent job, especially when it comes to high-class specialists. As for the minimum wage, it is quite enough for a decent life and paying for housing.
7. India
Contrasting and so mysterious India attracts foreigners cheap life, exotic culture and the opportunity to visit Goa. In this country, cheap clothing and food, favorable climate, sea and unique culture.

To get to India, you need to get a visa. It is issued for a period of 1 to 3 months with the possibility of further extension. The official languages are Hindi and English, but there are actually a lot more of them. Goa impresses visitors not only with stunning landscapes, but also with affordable housing. The cheapest Bungalow costs about 12 Euros, a comfortable cottage will cost 35-60 Euros, and a huge Villa can be rented for 1000 per month. There will be no problems with work either. In India, you can always get a job in a night club or become a member of the extras for shooting ads.
8. Cambodia
Now Cambodia is actively populated by visitors from post-Soviet countries. This is not surprising, as everyone is attracted by the warm climate, low prices and a loyal visa policy. You can get a visa via the Internet at the international airport or on the spot upon arrival.

The locals speak Khmer, but many also speak colloquial English. Don’t be surprised when you hear Russian speech, because there are a lot of our compatriots here. As for housing, buying an apartment in Cambodia will cost you $ 50,000, and renting will cost $ 300-400 a month, depending on the conditions.


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