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10 secluded and fabulous houses where you can be alone

There are moments in life when you really want to retire, close yourself from the busy world in your home, which is far from civilization,to relax and relax. Many still do not dare to leave the comfortable modern life, and others go in search of privacy and freedom.
1. The Island Of Urup (Russia)

Urup island is part of the Great Kuril range and has long been without a permanent population, with the exception of lighthouse keepers. These are just two families who live on different ends of the island at a distance of 120 km from each other.

2. Island Bjarnarey (Iceland)

The island of Bjarnarei is part of the Vestmannaeyar archipelago (an area of 16 square km), located South of Iceland. It consists of the populated Islands of Heimaey and thirteen little ones, which are considered uninhabited. On the beautiful island of Bjarnarei, which has a very small area (0.32 square km), there is a hunting hut (there are rumors that this is the dacha of the singer Bjork), but since there are no permanent residents there, it is considered uninhabited.
3. Munnar (India)

In 2000, Munnar in Kerala was declared a tourist zone, so there are a large number of very original village houses and huts-hotels scattered on the slopes of tea plantations. Their secluded location attracts tourists and more often such houses, which do not violate the harmony of the picturesque area, are rented to lovers of ecotourism, newlyweds for the period of their wedding trip or those who want to spend their holidays in a very unusual and peaceful way.

4. Wooden power plant “Crystal mill” (USA)

Back in the XIX century, on the Crystal river, which is located in the state of Colorado (USA), on one of its waterfalls, a power plant was built with a wooden house for maintenance. It worked until 1917, when the local mines were exhausted and the people left the area. Now this unusual house, located in such a picturesque place, serves as a country vacation for one family, who became its owner.

5. House on the Drina river (Serbia)
In Serbia, near the town of Bajina Basta on the Drina river, a picturesque wooden house is located on a small rock. Local residents claim that this fabulous shelter was built by local children 45 years ago. Since this rock was their favorite place of rest, they decided on such an extraordinary construction. Now it is one of the most popular and visited attractions in Serbia.
6. The island of Tristan da Cunha (the settlement Edinburgh of the Seven Seas)

This volcanic archipelago, located in the South Atlantic ocean, is known for its status as the most remote inhabited land area on the planet. Tristan da Cunha is considered an overseas territory of England and is under its sovereignty, but it is not part of the Kingdom. The eponymous island of the archipelago has a mountainous landscape, so the only plateau became a refuge for a tiny settlement.
7. Island “Enough room” (Island Just Room Enough, USA)

This very tiny island Just Room Enough, which is part of the Thousand Islands archipelago and located on the border of the United States and Canada, turned out to be inhabited. On such a small territory with an area of only 306 square meters, the American family of Sizelands built their original house and even managed to arrange a small front garden around a single tree. Just Room Enough turned out to be the smallest inhabited island in the world, although this fact is not officially recorded. By the way, almost all the Islands of this archipelago are inhabited and small settlements and even temples are located on their territory.
8. The island of Kulusuk in Eastern Greenland (Denmark)

This lonely cabin is located on Cape Morris-Jesup, the northernmost point of the island. This remote place is occasionally inhabited by hunters or explorers of these harsh places during their expeditions.

9. Meteora Monasteries (Greece)
This largest monastery complex in Greece is located on the tops of Meteor rocks that rise almost 400 meters above the Thessalian valley. “Floating in the air” – this is how this unique mountain range is translated from Greek, on the tops of which the most amazing religious buildings were built. After all, since the time of the birth of Christianity, such places were considered the most suitable place for voluntary renunciation of worldly life — Hermitage. Nowadays, some of these monasteries are active and attract huge attention not only of pilgrims, but also of millions of tourists.

10. Monastery on top of mount Huashan (China)
Mount Huashan in the middle Kingdom has become the most popular place for extreme athletes from different parts of our planet. The name of the mountain is translated from Chinese as “Flower mountain”. It has the most dangerous climbing path in the world – the “path of death”. This “path” leading to the monastery does not have any railings or any fences and it is made of narrow wooden planks laid over a terrible abyss. Streams of pilgrims and tourists rush to it, overcoming the most dangerous path, which simply takes your breath away (even looking at the photos!).
Naturally, everyone can not create such a secluded nest for themselves and their families. But with a great desire, you can find a way to at least spend your vacation in such picturesque and remote places. This can be helped by incredible and simply fantastic hotels that will not only provide privacy and peace, but also for sure leave a lasting impression of your stay in them.

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