Tips for tourists

9 specific delicacies that only a few will dare to try
Going on a trip, of course, everyone tries to break away to the fullest and relax so that there is something to remember: some are chasing thrills, others try to…

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Useful ideas from other countries that we would like to borrow
Many of us have long been used to nod at Europe, saying that they have greener grass there, and higher living standards. As they say, it is good where we…

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Yellow underpants, clinking pots, changing names: 16 quirky new year traditions from around the world
New year is a truly international holiday, because it is celebrated in almost all countries of the world. But each nation has its own traditions of celebration. And if for…

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14 progressive qualities of the Japanese with which they become supernational

Japan never ceases to delight Europeans with its customs and way of life. Residents Of the land of the rising sun skillfully combine progressive ideas and ancient traditions. There are things we should learn from the Japanese.

1. Care for the environment

At the world Cup, which was held in Russia this year, Japanese fans surprised everyone by staying to clean the stadium after the match. It is worth noting that their actions are not a show-off, not an edification or demonstration of their own superiority, but a banal concern for cleanliness. Continue reading

10 vertiginous staircases, which you will only have the courage to crawl along

As a rule, it is architectural structures that claim all the glory as attractions of any country. But sometimes the stairs leading to those very monuments deserve no less attention. A journey through 10 of the most fantastic and unreal staircases will make you both admire and shudder at the same time.
1. Stairs on the sacred mountain Huashan (China)

Mount Huashan is considered sacred, so at the very top (2130 meters!) there are monasteries where not only monks and pilgrims, but also desperate tourists keep their most dangerous and sometimes deadly path. Continue reading

A country where no one locks the door with a key, there is no need for private clinics and military personnel

It turns out that there is a country with a way of life that reminds us of Utopia. There is free medicine, education, no army, and locking the door with a key is generally considered offensive. People there often live to be 100 years old. We are talking about Iceland. Yes, the people of this small country consider themselves very happy.

1. Doors in houses are not locked

The population of Iceland is only 325,000 people living in an area of 103,000 square kilometers. Residents of small towns know each other well and are much more involved in the country’s Affairs than residents of large megacities in other countries. Continue reading

The most beautiful places in Europe that tourists have not yet trampled

Many people are already tired of big cities and crowded popular routes, vying with tour operators, so they are looking for an opportunity to see Europe in a quieter and calmer environment. It would seem that this is an impossible dream, because all the sights are already visited by tourists. But there are still unexplored and unique corners of European countries that have preserved an authentic identity and a certain mystery due to the fact that they are still not drowned in the flow of tourist raids.

Europe has always attracted tourists with its unique and inimitable cities with their unsurpassed architecture and unique culture. Continue reading

Useful ideas from other countries that we would like to borrow

Many of us have long been used to nod at Europe, saying that they have greener grass there, and higher living standards. As they say, it is good where we are not. However, there are a lot of amazing ideas implemented in European countries that would not hurt us to adopt. See for yourself.

1. System of fines
The system of fines in Finland and Sweden differs significantly from the Russian one. In these countries, the amount of payment depends directly on the offender’s income. Accordingly, the average worker with a minimum salary will pay significantly less than the businessman. Continue reading

In Iceland, a hotel opened with rooms in the form of soap bubbles: they are absolutely transparent
It's hard to imagine, but the owner of the 5 Million Star hotel has designed beautiful hotel rooms where you can spend hours admiring the Northern lights or the starry…


7 already irrelevant tips for tourists, after listening to which, you need to do the opposite
Children are looking forward to holidays and birthday gifts. But these emotions modestly pale in comparison with the dreams of adults about a long-awaited vacation. It seems that for them…


A comfortable truck that turns into a 2-story hotel on wheels
For outdoor enthusiasts, engineers have created a huge number of campers that allow you not only to move along the designated route, but also to relax comfortably. Today we want…


Where to stay for the night, or Exotic hotels as a separate art form
Hotels are an integral part of travel, but we do not attach much importance to them. Well, why? They are expensive, and people go to another country to walk, evaluate…