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The most popular tourist houses in the world, where you want to stay forever
All unforgettable trips in our time begin with Airbnb-a well-known online platform that helps tourists to rent private housing. For its 10th anniversary, this online resource published a list of…

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12 things in Poland that will be a real surprise for tourists
As a rule, when it comes to Poland, the imagination draws a neutral country with a measured lifestyle of its population. However, this is not really the case. Even seasoned…

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European town where you can go for a walk only with a weapon and it is forbidden to die
On the world map, there is one very interesting place that has recently become a tourist attraction – Norwegian Longyearbyen. This northernmost city of the world is the largest settlement…

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12 things in Poland that will be a real surprise for tourists

As a rule, when it comes to Poland, the imagination draws a neutral country with a measured lifestyle of its population. However, this is not really the case. Even seasoned tourists will find something to be surprised at in this country.

1. Wedding in Poland

In order to register a marriage in Poland, it is not necessary to go to the registry office, but it is enough to get married in a Church. Marriage in the Church does not need to be legalized, it is as legal as the one registered in the registry Office. After the wedding, the spouses have rights and obligations, and in the case of divorce, the property is divided into equal parts. Continue reading

Concepts originally from the USSR that have not been heard of abroad

Today, it is customary to scold the times of the Soviet Union. They say that everything was bad then, but today it is much better. Everyone is free to remain with their opinions, but there is no denying that a lot of interesting things happened during the youth of our mothers and grandmothers. Today we stopped at a selection of concepts originally from the Soviet times, which have never been heard of abroad.

1. Sit on the path

All residents of the post-Soviet space know that if family members who were busy packing up their belongings before leaving the house sit down and keep quiet, then the trip will be successful and everything will go well. Continue reading

Dutch Venice-a village where there are no roads or cars

There are places in Europe where you won’t see a road, hear the roar of engines, or breathe exhaust fumes. This is not a fantasy or a dream! In the Netherlands, there is a magical place that has earned a romantic name – Dutch Venice. In our technological age, this unique settlement surprises not only with its identity and national color, but also with the way of movement. For many centuries in a row, local residents even go to their neighbor… they go by boat.The village of Githorn is truly a Paradise on earth! And it is located just 120 kilometres from Amsterdam in the national Park Weerribben-Wieden. It has become such a unique place not because of its natural location or terrain features, but as a result of thoughtless actions of local residents.

The first settlers were happy with the area where there is a lot of peat and settled here, just dug it near their homes, so it was more convenient. Continue reading

A comfortable truck that turns into a 2-story hotel on wheels

For outdoor enthusiasts, engineers have created a huge number of campers that allow you not only to move along the designated route, but also to relax comfortably. Today we want to present an interesting version of a two-story house on wheels, which has been turned into a mobile base for surfers, with cozy rooms and a recreation area.

One very enthusiastic couple, Daniela Carneiro and Eduardo Ribeiro, decided to convert a Mercedes Actros truck so that they could always have not only a roof over their heads, but all the necessary equipment for surfing.

Since they have been traveling for many years through the unknown expanses of Europe, Asia and even Africa, they were able to develop a concept of creating a home that would fully meet all the needs of a person accustomed to the benefits of civilization and comfort. Continue reading

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How do people live on Islands that only fit one house
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An Austrian who settled in Kalmykia created a hotel in yurts with European service
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