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Country of austerity and luxury: 8 myths about life in the United Arab Emirates
Most of us are used to thinking of the United Arab Emirates as a country where everyone is surrounded by gold, and the rules of behavior are strictly regulated. However,…

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12 things in Poland that will be a real surprise for tourists
As a rule, when it comes to Poland, the imagination draws a neutral country with a measured lifestyle of its population. However, this is not really the case. Even seasoned…

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There is a capsule hotel in Vnukovo, or how to relax at the airport without leaving the transit zone
Travelers who frequently use the services of the airport, well aware of how difficult it is to spend a long time waiting for your flight. The largest air hubs have…

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10 unfinished buildings that have become the world’s most famous landmarks

To build an architectural masterpiece requires years of work and impressive financial influence. But sometimes, despite all efforts, the construction remains unfinished. Lack of funds, lack of labor, death of the project author-the reasons can be very different. And yet some of the unfinished buildings are beautiful exactly as they were left by the builders, because it is not for nothing that they have become popular attractions that people from all over the world want to see. Continue reading

15 exciting places on Earth that are worth visiting at least once for real extreme athletes

Some people want to spend their holidays lying on the beach, while others want to find the most extreme places on Earth. Somewhere deadly cold, somewhere too hot, some places are just teeming with poisonous snakes, and somewhere you can do extreme sports. This review contains places that are unlikely to appeal to fans of a lazy holiday. However, they are worth seeing.
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Exotic “Goodies” or delicacies that make you feel uneasy

Each nation has its own taste preferences. And what some people find edible is repulsive to others. But there are such dishes, the very sight of which an unprepared person can lead to fainting. We’ll talk about them today.

1. Durian

Durian ranks first in the list of the most exotic fruits in the world. It is a round fruit covered with long pyramidal spines that protect the tender flesh. On average, durian weighs about 8 kilograms, and its main features are a multi-faceted taste and a terrible indescribable smell. Continue reading

7 already irrelevant tips for tourists, after listening to which, you need to do the opposite

Children are looking forward to holidays and birthday gifts. But these emotions modestly pale in comparison with the dreams of adults about a long-awaited vacation. It seems that for them the rest begins already at the planning stage. And it is rare to prepare for a trip without reading tips and guides. Well, trust, but double-check: these “unshakable” rules of the tourist have long been irrelevant. And following them, you will only waste time and money.

Preparing for a trip is sometimes even more enjoyable than the trip itself. The secret is that the reality coincides with high expectations from the voyage. And in order for this to happen, try to avoid the most popular tourist tips. No matter how solid they seem. Continue reading

8 special Islands: Chilling and fascinating

On earth, there are many paradisiacal Islands that beckon with their wonderful beaches, unforgettable waterfalls, rocks and unimaginable inhabitants. But such unusual places are fraught with a lot of dangers and incredible secrets and legends. And it is not yet known whether the wonders of nature more excite and attract people, or mystical secrets and creepy events cause such a lively interest.

1. Snake island (Brazil)

The most dangerous on our planet is considered Queimada Grande, better known as snake island. It is located in the Atlantic ocean, near the coast of Brazil.

Here, in its original form, there are stunning picturesque landscapes with exotic plants, incredibly beautiful rocks and clean beaches. Continue reading

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